Mission To Sullust

This was the PI from Wolfcon 2012

I asked Bear Riggs and Androsta if they would come along to help me with this latest trip to hopefully finish off the information gathering on the Expurgium. We decided that the only way to really get all of the information we need so as to be able form a plan to rescue all the captives, including the Jedi Master, would be to take captive a local Junior speaker.

Sullust was decided on to be the best location to attempt this. We have a number of contacts within the Sullust resistance and the news media so the 3 of us would not be acting completely on our own. Staying in a safe house, we did a bit of research before making our strike. With a copy of the plans for the local church building and knowledge of the churches schedule, we chose to break in through the wall of the Junior speakers office as that was at the back of the building in an alley.

I cut a hole in the wall big enough for us to all fit through and the 3 of us entered. We replaced the wall portion temporarily so no alarm would be raised. Quickly looking through files on his computer, we knew to get all the info we really did need to take him. Moving nothing in the office, we all took up hiding positions and waited for the service to finish and for the Junior speaker to enter his office.

Finally the door opened and he gave directions to his 2 guards. Androsta motioned to Bear and I which person each of us should target and we agreed. Once the Junior Speaker entered the room and did not notice any of us, we set our plan into action. Androsta and Bear fired stun shots at the 2 guards and I took aim at the Junior Speaker. The guards went done right away but the speaker took an additional shot. We quickly grabbed his computer, pushed out the wall section and took off.

Upon getting the Junior speaker to a safe location, I had a choice to make; take him to others to interrogate him or try it myself. Being able to utilize the Force, I was able to monitor his real thoughts. This gave us the additional knowledge that has been alluding those of us who have been involved tracking the activities of the Expurgium.

Now to start our planning a rescue.

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