MUS3 Droids

These are a set of nine droids made by Myrrrad and gifted to Fen and Lyta upon their marriage. Individually, each has capabilities in one or more performing arts as well as a repository of knowledge. Together they form a nine-piece Jizz/Jazz/Orchestral band with each droid playing a key part in each of the styles. The droids have the appearance of female hominids.

  • Erato - A large stringed instrument has been etched into this droid's upper left torso. Erato is the singer and band leader. When on stage she will typically be in the foremost position, but may be off to either side depending on the song or style of music. As a singer Erato tends to stay in the middle of the Alto voice register, however the vocalizer can hit ranges within a few octaves in either direction. Erato also plays the Bass Viol, Bass Guitar, and Upright Bass providing the bottom of most of their pieces.


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