My Soul Mate

Dear Diary,

After blowing up an Opera House the other day it was my pleasure to accompany Sara Starsider on a little private mission to accuire a luxury ship for her. She was kind enough to let me go shopping for some desperatly needed things before the trip and I thought it would be nice to not use any of them on her outing in return.

With the help of Fred Slick, Matthias, and Jerico, as well as a few others we comandeered a luxury cruiser and synchronized a kick in the crotch to some unlucky peon. The boys weren't very fond of that at all, and after a few attempts to put the guy out of his misery they put him down with stun.

Anyways….I like Sara alot. She gets me, I think, and hasn't yelled at me yet. I even taught her a few tricks in making explosives.

In the future I will have to make friendship bracelets for us…she's that cool a chick and it's about damn time.

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