My Too Late Bad Ass Dream Boat

Dear Diary,

I've met the man of my dreams…literally the person I would have liked to have been able to say would make a great rolemodel.

The last mission we were to go after and retrieve former opperatives that the Empire had brainwashed into wreaking havoc…a little like M'rath, I suppose.

Dash Dorien was a 2nd Lt. for the rebellion before he was captured a few years ago. The first time I saw his holo something sparked. The first time I met him face to face I realized how bad a situation it could have turned out to be. There were two others among him that were part of 5 missing opperatives we were to bring back alive. He went to work on making what I like to call a Jynxie Special right in front of me and my team mates, something I've done time and again. Only knowing what was to come, I fired at his hand, hit the detonite, and blew off his arm.

Things went well and we were able to bring our former opperatives back. I was even kind enough to reattatch his arm and keep him company on the ride back to base.

Dash seemed genuinely interested in the stories I had to tell about past jobs I've done, and if I wasn't married and he wasn't a bit screwed in the head there might have been something there.

Anyways, Squibie hasn't seen it yet but I have Dash's jacket and goggles. First chance I get when I go home I'm going to see if Xakon can have the jacket tailored to fit me right.


I thought I might be afraid, discovering what had happened to the targets, that it might happen to me in the future, yet I feel…I feel oddly wonderfully at ease right now. Seeing how Kas'Tor has been around me as of late, and knowing how much Squibie and Sara care I'm confidant that they'll never let anything like that happen to me.

Especially knowing that I am far more capable of doing a much more exceptional job than Dash.

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