Fur Color
Identifying Characteristics
  • Missing Fur on the end of the tail.
  • Almost always in a set of coveralls. Will wear a suit if the occasion calls for it.
  • When representing the Alliance or when on base, prominently displays rank insignia.

Myrrrad came to the Alliance straight out of school in order to "see the galaxy". A rather weak member of his race, he tends to set himself apart by his mannerisms. He will speak openly to any type 1,2, or 3 droid that isn't trying to kill/capture him. His rapport with droids is equal to his lack thereof with other sentients. He's been known to make an occasional bad pun, but tends to be mostly serious — especially with the subject of slavery.

He has taken up the mantle of droid engineering and has completed his first major project. A wedding gift for his friends. These droids represent the first in his series which aims partly to raise droids above being mere appliances.

Myrrrad considers himself to be first and foremost to be a tech. However, the needs of the Rebellion dictate otherwise. Myrrrad has found himself acting as a field medic, a shooter, a hand-to-hand fighter, and a diplomat. Out of those options he can actually handle a medpac, is a decent shot with his signature weapon, and can do enough damage with his claws to hurt a Warp-hunter. He has had moments of inspiration, but more typically puts his foot in his mouth.

Those who know Myrrrad have realized that recently he has been training in the use of the Force. If questioned he will usually mention something about learning how to build a lightsaber. Since most of his friends know about this, he no longer attempts to hide his abilities while in Rebel installations. He considers his path complete now that he has learned what he was seeking.

Myrrrad has the following known associates:

  • Fen Miris bel Iblis - A friend, and Myrrrad's tactics instructor. Fen is the ur example of a command rank operative.
  • Radis Vujovic - Radis and Myrrrad joined at about the same time, Myrrrad frequently finds himself trying to de-ionize the Y-Not, or arguing with the droids on the Positronic Haven. Myrrrad is a minor partner in the Positronic Haven Shipping company (Radis owns significantly more).
  • Dee'Laan Gad'wa-Heega - Dee is an odd character, Myrrrad feels he has a kinship with Jawas, and Dee has also demonstrated herself to be one of the most astounding examples of her species Myrrrad has ever encountered.
  • Daryn "Gnar Voltan" Startrotter - Myrrrad knows him better as Gnar Voltan. He is the most open example of a Jedi that Myrrrad has, other than Dee'Laan.
  • Lyta Miris bel Iblis - Myrrrad doesn't get assigned with Lyta unless the Drunken Bantha is short on engineering. However, her marriage to Fen has brought them into more frequent contact.
  • Jou'Dannh Areitho - Jou'Dahn is an agent of the Hustle, and one of the craziest con-men Myrrrad has ever met. If they are on missions together, Myrrrad usually finds himself going along with Jou'Dahn's crazy schemes.
  • Taylor Castel - The last time Myrrrad went on a mission with her, she decided to spend the time making Youngston Townster's life miserable. Meanwhile, Jou'Dahn was trying to set himself up on the Sabbac tour. This left Myrrrad in charge of seeing to the needs of Princess Leia and her protocol droid.
  • Mrrvyn - The most honorable being Myrrrad has met to date, another cat (although a completely different species), and a wisdom beyond his age. Mrrvyn is what some of the less moral members of the rebellion shold try to be like.
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