Ned Lx

Name: Ned’Lx AKA: Zig-Zig, Pei’Ton
Player: John Romppainen
Race: Verpine
Planet of Origin: Roche Asteroids Occupation: Medic – Alien Force User
Height: 1.9 Meters
Weight: 95 Lbs
Gender: Hermaphrodic (Male Personality)
Age: 35
Captain and owner: The’Er - Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc. Banshee-Class Heavy Cargo Transport – Converting 100 tons to a Medical Bay
Rebel Rank: Staff Sargeant
History: Ned’Lx was hatched 35 years ago, in the Roche Asteroid field. I was part of the Slayn & Korpil Corporation, manufactures of starships. I worked as one of the medics along with building starships. I had more of an aptitude toward healing than repair. While I was working I realized I was different. When I needed a part or tool that was on the other side of the room what ever it was came to me. I left a little over 5 years ago to find out why. While on my travels I hired on as a medic on a freighter I was with them for 4 years. Until we were attacked by pirates, we were boarded the rest of my crew mates were killed and tortured in front of me. The pirates made me heal them and repair there equipment. I was with them for a year before I escaped. A rebel cell helped me escape and I decided to join them and offer my healing services besides they offered to pay me for my services. To this day even though it has only been a little over a year I still have a hard time with other beings being tortured. As such I need to control my feelings and emotions

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