Neimoidian Data Goggles

Equipment / Medical / Cybernetics

Type: Cybernetic interface
Scale: Character
Cost: 2,000 (includes implants and surgery)
Availability: 3; F or R
Game Notes:

This is a cybernetic implant used by Neimoidians, and is not usually installed in non-Neimoidian patients (see below). To be of use, the goggles must be properly attuned to the wearer, and linked to a ship’s computer and communications system. The goggles grant a 1D+2 bonus on all astrogation, computer programming/ repair, and appropriate spacecraft repair rolls, as well as a 3D+1 bonus on all appropriate spacecraft piloting rolls. If a successful attack disrupt the vessel’s internal communications network, the user must make a Heroic Strength check or be stunned for 1D+1 rounds. The price for such an installation is not only financial – the mere installation of the implant causes the pilot to lose +2 pips of both Knowledge and Perception (the loss is permanent). Neimoidian surgeons are unlikely to install this sort of hardware into non-Neimoidians without a sufficient bribe. However, since the technology is made specifically for Neimoidians, any character of another species loses twice as much Knowledge and Perception (ie, +4 pips/1D+1) due to the installation.

Source: Secrets of Naboo (page 17)


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