Name is pronounced Nest-lee like the candy company, not like cuddling in close into a tight place.
Model: Colicoid Creations Nest P-Destroyer Droid
Description: a 3 legged/2 armed kinda insectish looking droid with almost a cobra head. each arm ends in a light repeating blaster instead of graspers. when it needs to move fast it can roll into a ball and roll much faster than walking. exterior panels have all been painted red.
Skills: Blaster(Light Repeater), Search, and Brawl
Equipement: Body Armor, Shields, 2 Light Repeating Blasters, and a Restraining Bolt (installed)
Personality: As with most battle droids, there is not much of a personality. He does not speak, and doesnt do anything outside of his specified orders.
Background: Sara picked up Nestle in an abandoned and long forgotten factory from the clone wars. Nestle was never activated prior to her aquiring him and activating him. Most of the time he had been assigned to guard her living quarters prior to her getting her own ship, and when taken on missions he was taken deactivated in a crate and only brought out when it was time to start trouble. Now that Sara has a new home, Nestle has been set in the middle of the central room of the ship and is placed on guard duty when Sara is out or is asleep.
Programming: Sara has not spent much time on specific programming on Nestle yet, but has programmed him to recognize her as its highest commander, and has programmed several friends as being lower ranking commanders. Nestle has also been programmed to protect B0B and 69 as well as the ship.

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