The Noehons are a four-armed insectoids race. Those raised on the home planet of Noe'ha'on are brutal and domineering (and are generally considered quite stupid for their propensity to fight amongst themselves), but those raised outside of the harsh Noehon culture display a calmer temperament.
Noehons are jungle insectoids and have small, rounded bodies with two legs and four arms. Their bodies are covered with bristly hairs. Their natural coloration is a mottled green.
Dexterity 2D/4D+2
Knowledge 1D/3D
Mechanical 1D/4D
Perception 1D+2/4D
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 1D/3D+2

Multi-Actions: A Noehon may make a second action during a round at no penalty. Additional actions incur penalties — the third action incurs a -1D penalty; the fourth a -2D penalty, and so on.
Move: 9/11
Pip Cost: 2

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