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"Operation poop and scoop" - Chichi using the tractor beam to throw porta-potties at troopers

Orzol Hazamar, after being wounded: (spits out tooth) Oh, it's on now bitch! (Then quads, and rips off warden's head with bare hands)

Endro Epstein, While discussing possible outcomes of a test: We haven't been on fire yet… (as it turned out, he was correct)

"Dad, How Could You!" Kid after finding out his Dad had turned to the Darkside

Velen after discovering an Imperial facility that is reducing aliens to biomass and just flushing it out with the industrial waste… "How wastefull…" everyone looks at him "and horrible!"

"What happens between me and the scavenger moths; Stays between me and the scavenger moths!" - Slik, after a close encounter…

"I'm carrying my "Pocket Jedi"" - Mrrvyn (who was carrying Dee'Laan the Jawa)

After the rest of the team decides to put him into the slave pens while they infiltrate as Imperials, then bringing him out for Zero G target practice, and being then able to hit him "Do I no Entertain you!" - Androsta. Later during the slave revolt, the alien prisoners were heard shouting "Force and Honor"

Androsta after lighting 4 different colored lightsabers, to a random guard. "Taste the Rainbow" and proceeds to attack an E-Web. The guard jumped out of the tower.

"Once you start down that path, they…." Being interrupted by another player "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, they take my character away"

"I may have stabbed myself in the tongue with a poisoned arrow!" - Tradal over comlink, after having flubbed a dex check to use the poison detector (intended for food) built into his disguise.

"I've been apart of many intergalactic incidents" - White Sheet after being asked about his diplomacy experience.

After a prison guard attempts to shoot him with Rock Salt, and missing. "Try again…Try Harder". After hitting but failing to hurt him with real ammo "Hah, There is no Try, only Do or Do Not" - Androsta

After shooting the floor out, and the ceiling down on an Inquisitor "Awwwww, did the big bad Inquisitor fall and get a boo boo……Sith Spawn, gethimoff, gethimoff, GET HIM OFF" - Androsta during a very one sided fight.

Omega, after scraping a large mechanical bird. "Yup, just doing what I do best."
Velen, in response "Attack first and ask questions never?"

Ferix and Velen, in reaction to Omega drawing a light repeater "Woah! Put that thing away!"
Omega, in response, "No, I'm on a mission!"

"Oh, I don't think so" in a kind of "3 snaps" type of voice. Dee'Laan to the force user who tried to TK her lightsaber from her hand.

"There's always a profit, if you look for it."

Sith's are red, jedi's are blue, If you aren't careful they will cut you in two.

"Apparently the price of my love is $250,000 Imperial Credits"- Jynx to ChiChi after discovering that the (spits on floor) Ulgors have placed said bounty on her head after she blew up Paradise.

Scene: In-flight briefing of 6 rebel officers from datapads
Fred Slick: OK, we're being sent to an area of space from which nobody has ever returned, the mission is so secret that the letter of the orders suggests we shouldn't even discuss it with each other, and we've been explicitly ordered to 'Make the Ultimate Sacrifice' rather than have news of our mission fall into enemy hands. Obviously someone from Rebel High Command wants us all dead.
Crash: Look around the table Fred. Can you honestly say you're surprised?
Fred: <Sigh> Point… Harold, you may as well whip us up some suicide capsules, just in case.
Jericho Hunter: Hey, I can't swallow pills!
Harold Ascot: No Problem! I'll do them as suppositories.
Fred: Suicide suppositories?
Jericho: Preparation-86!

Daryn goes outside the crashed ship along with Talon.
Daryn says "stay on this side of the ship im going to the other side to cut trees down that might help roll the ship over."
Talon looks at him you're going to do what?
a few moments later there are four quick trees that fall in succession and the ship lifts off the ground and rolls over onto the landing struts. All the while four other crew members are on board and go for a ride. to the laughs of everyone.
Afterwards everyone runs out and like what just happened. Daryn says "I cut a few trees and the ship just rolled right over" the rest of the crew goes over "hey these trees were cauterized" "you got a lightsaber where do we get one?"
Daryn looks at the group " are you generals in the rebel alliance?" they all look at him "um no we aren't"
Daryn then states " sorry the only way you get one of these is if you make rank of general then you can request one"

"There is no fighting, there is only sharing
There is no 'I didn't do it', because surely you did
There is no shooting of your sisters, without serious repercussions
There IS a bed time, and you WILL obey it
By the wisdom and grace of 'Mom' and 'Dad', we will not feed you to Uncle Kas'tor"
The rules of the house- and no they ARE NOT guidelines….as decreed by the adoptive parents, in short, Jynx and ChiChi.

While flying a damaged YT-1300 through a hurricane the clone is screaming "You're Fired, You're Fired, You're Fired……" To the Pilot.
The Pilot shouts back "Don't make me turn this ship around!"
The Clone responds "I'd like to see you try."

"I may not have brought you into this world, but I can defiantly take you out of it"-Jynx to Salvage', Ari, and Snarf (my two adopted squib children, and my one adoptive togruta child)

Bad guy to Fen: "I am disinclined to acquiesce to your foot."

"You are about to board the pirate ship full of lum robbing pirates. They request that you do not bring anything heavier than a heavy blaster pistol and that armor is not necessary. So what are you all wearing?" Nancy to party. Party looks at each other.
"The S&M Brewery T-Shirt" Says the Clone trooper.

"You gonna zig-zag or fly straight through?"-Jynx to ChiChi as he finds himself in the pilot's seat.
"I'm gonna go straight in and aim for the target"-ChiChi
"Well don't hit the target!"-Jynx worried
"I couldn't hit the broadside of a planet, babe"-ChiChi
"I hope not!"-Jynx

After Fen wiped out a group of troopers and Jynx TD' two buildings of the Imperial Garrison: "Hey look! We picked up spares!"-Jynx noticing more and more troopers appearing on scene.

"Your force-gasm got us into this!"-Jynx to Chimera.

Velen "Without this cargo a lot more lives could be lost than ours due to unplanned pregnancies."

F'Ban Pollamor "Does anyone here speak Jawa?", random player "I Do" random player reaches into pocket and pulls out a couple of credits

Kalla Nital: “A group called the Crimson Knights”
Chimara: “OK” (closes the com-link) “The Empire is sending some scary group call the Crimson Knights here.”
Crash: “Who are the Crimson Knights?”
Chimara: “……….” (calls back Kalla on the com-link) “Who are the Crimson Knights?”

"I've never seen humans with so much dank and dim"-Naris Nilton to Felicia 'O' at Club Exclusive.

"My master thanks you for the slaves" Durga's majordomo to Nash Michaels after giving over his most valued possession, a picture of his wife and kids.
"Uh, Durga…..I think there's been a mistake. Those aren't slaves, that's his family. We carry pictures of our loved ones close to our hearts." Slick.
"Heheh…stupid human sentiments" Durga eats the picture and rubs his stomach. "Now they will be close to me."

Dirk. “You probably shouldn’t have shot that guy.”
Random civilian with a gun, “But he’s an imperial!”
Dirk “He’s the pilot!”

"Destruction is a lie! There is only salvage!
Through salvage, we gain broken stuff!
With broken stuff, we make trades!
Trades bring good stuff!
Selling good stuff, brings CREDITS!
With credits, my poverty is broken!
By salvage alone, I set my credits in motion"
Squib Salvage Code - As set by Supremely honest master trader and finder of good stuff ChiChi Zzingnut, founder and chief big guy for the 802nd Chapter, 3rd verse of the all-powerful Squib Trade Consortium. You betcha!

"I can cure a broken hand, but I can't cure stupidity" Jynx to Dirk while patching up his hand.

“You have my word as a rebel terrorist” Pistolwhip to Chimara over if he’ll give her her lightsaber back.

Question to GM from "Bear Riggs": Who am I closer to, Hasdrubal or Annie Oakley? (referring to Rak who just missed shooting the bug on him and accidentally shot Pistolwhip in the ass)

Taylor being the only one to fail a sneak roll looking at a group of slavers.
Taylor: " He he, Um, Would you believe I am too small to be worth your effort?"
Slavers: Laughter, "You'll make a fine breeding female."
Taylor: "hehe, Um, Would you believe I am a powerful war lord that commands death from above?"
Slavers: Laughing at Taylor.
Death from above is delivered by Choth, Jynx, Kas'tor, Slik, Vandin, Qualen.
Vandin using a shotgun to the lead slavers in the back "That's my breeding female."
Taylor: "I was telling the truth."

"Losers do their best; Winners go home with the Prom Queen", said the Sullust while questioning Rak Dartuthe about Bantha Team's intention. Rak replied, "But we brought the Prom Queen!" and pointed toward Chimara.

Taylor to Vandin, "I need a power source, find a mouse droid!"
Vandin returns a moment later, "I couldn't find a mouse droid, but I found this," grabbing Reinhart and pointing to his power armor.
Reinhart, "I am not the energizer bunny!"

Taylor to Xex, "You took three men in your sub, he (pointing to Vandin) took two women.
Xes responds, "sucks like a bastard."
Kendil to Xes, "Yeah but you have four arms."
Party laughter.

"We have a business proposal. We have some sellirium." Vandin to NPC
"No we don't i sold it." Chimara
"You sold it!" Vandin
"You told me to sell it!" Chimara
"You sold it to him and then offered to help him?" Vandin
"Yes, he offered extra credits." Chimara.
"You have that in writing?" Vandin
"Yes" Chimara"
"YOU LIE!" Vandin

While negotiating with representatives of Dac…
Vandin to the council, "Flash is right."
Sometime later…
Taylor to the council, "Flash is not incorrect."
Dumbfounded looks from all of Thunder Team

Daryn calls the concierge, "WE"RE BEING ROBBED BITCHES!!!!"
ADR to Daryn in a very proper tone, "Diplomats do not say 'bitches'."

"If anything on you goes up, you go down." Slik to ChiChi while playing strip paazac with Uneeq

"Where are your hands?" Taylor
"In the other room," Chimera.
"When you ask me how people do it they use their hands, not the Force." Taylor
"What are you teaching her?" Vandin
"How to control herself," Taylor.

"Am I a lesbian?"-Chimera to Jynx in a bar, quite randomly.

"Wow Blue, you are all kinds of useless!" Pistolwhip to Vandin after one of many drinking extravaganzas.

"That'll teach you to play with explosives!"-Jynx after blowing off Dash Dorien's arm by shooting the 1/2 brick of detonite that was in his hands.

"I think you've terrorized these guys enough"-Corbin Maxx to jynx while lost in space for day #4
Looking up from her detonite figurines, seated on the floor between 3 handcuffed Imperial prisoners-"Let me get this striaght. We're lost in space, there is nothing on-board for me to do, and now you want to take away my only company and playthings?"Jynx motions to the prisoners.

“I choose to lapse into unconsciousness; it's quieter and less annoying there.”
- Sara Starsider

No matter what we say, the Ishi Tib will not leave the generator room. Slik starts to wave he hand in a such a way as to signify "Do the Jedi mind trick" to Dee (aka Stinky). "I don't know how to do that" responds the Jawa. In total disbelief, Slik responds, "What kind of Jedi are you?!!!"

After blowing Jericho out of the water with a grenade "It's okay, I'm a nurse!"-Jynx
"I'm a doctor and I want a second opinion"-Jericho
"Yeah, you're only a nurse when you put on the costume for ChiChi!" -Taylor
Laughter from the rest of the party.

Kas'tor "You see the inflatable jawas they go adings- adinga."

Taylor Castel " We herd the inflatable jawas down the cargo ramp towards the imperial customs officer."

Mak Rel (A Mon Calamari) General Castel, permission to jettison all the butter aboard the ship."
taylor-castel " Wait, No we need it for the waffles!"

Daryn StarTrotter " To fully appreciate life you must know the taste of death."
ChiChi Zzingnut|Maurice " I had a piece - I didn't like it."

Mak Rel hidden in the secret storage compartment. "Hold on I am going to open the Moncal." Taylor Castel.

*ZAP* “Ah! Taylor? Can’t you reverse the polarity of the hull or something so we don’t generate as much static electricity?” Chimara to Taylor. “This is reality Chimara, not Science Fiction.” Taylor responded.

"The Blue Light Special has ended." -Josh Rimworld as a Bantha falls on his repulsor truck, The Blue Light Special

"It's a SNACK!"-Admiral Snackbar

"I'm a leave on the wind…" -Stinky, as the Jawa fights to keep control of the Imperial shuttle as it crashes into the ground.

Pistol Whip to Chimara “We did not just risk life and limb for you to get that, only for you to choose not to use it” Referring to the speeder scale lightsaber. “You even have the express verbal permission from the Jedi you stole it form to use it.”

"I want a copy." -Sara Starsider to Pistolwhip
"Of what?!?" -Pistolwhip with a look of feigned innocence and shock.
"I know you grabbed the security video of me distracting the guard out front. You can keep the original, I just want a copy." -Sara Starsider

"YOU SCRATCHED MY ARMOR!!!!" -Sara Starsider just as the speederscale jabberwocky found them and attacked her, only a few seconds before she leapt up and kicked it in the groin 3 times before it could even do anything else. It was dead after the 2nd kick, but she still did the declared 3rd kick…

"…you are to go to his position." -Rebel operative
"What position is that?" -Sara Starsider
"Missionary?" -Jynxie
""Maybe that's why they call it missionary, because he's a man on a mission?" -Darrik

"I've got a leg brace, drugs, and the force, what more do I need?" - Chimara

"You’re still angry because I shot you?" -Chimara, seeing Stinky.
"That PALES in comparison to what else you did." -Stinky to Chimara

"You've always been very business-like. A consummate professional." -Fred Slick to Crash.
"What?!?" -Crash & Fen to Fred Slick.
"What?!?" -Crash & Fen to each other.
"What?!?" -Crash & Fen to Fred Slick once again.

"You're a woman?!" -random Imperial
"Yes, now shut up!" -Chimera

"Darik, I love you!" -Jynxie after discovering the upgrade to Fool's Folly turbolaser.
"Can you bring me a towel?" -A few moments later.

"You won't dance, play blast darts, or buy me a drink. This is the worst date ever!" -Jynxie to Darrik.
"We are NOT on a date!" -Darrik's response.
"What else would you call two two people on a mission? A date!" -Jynxie

"Stinky and The Pain" Narrator to the Jawa and Sullustan (GenCon Interactive '08)

We can't forget the favorite for the weekend "It's a TRAP" everyone to everything. (GenCon Interactive '08).

"We do a Double Called Shot to the Nuts" Sara and Jynxie

"jawa jedi, jawa jedi, jawa jedi" Then Stinky goes to jail and doesn't pass go to collect 200 dollars with the six rad troopers - so told to Daryn Startrotter.

"Oh Crap Fen was power blocked. WAIT! FEN WAS POWER BLOCKED?!?" -Gnar Voltan

"Here's my counter-offer: Unless you want to feel the righteous wrath of my boot in your ass, you will put that sensor dish back where it belongs!" -Fen to Squib Momship.

"My salvage!" -Squib grenade planted on the jaberwock just before Fen kicked it.
"Oh crap!" -Fen

"Let me tell ya about the shoulds. This should be an easy mission, there should not be too many Imperials, our intelligence should be update, there should be no Hutts in the area. You should get the point by now. " - Taylor Castel.

"You will NOT blow up this plant!" -Darrik to Jynxie after sneaking into Hyperbaride Plant.
"But it'll look good on my resume!" -Jynxie's response

"I got this till you can stop him ADR… Umm ADR HELP NOW PLEASE" -Gnar Voltan to ADR while fighting Darth Gore

There is no emotion, there is peace
There is no Ignorance, there is knowledge
Liquor before wine, You will be fine
Wine before liquor, The quicker you get sicker
-Told to Gnar after a bender at a high end space resort undercover by ADR

"Bantha Force Rules !!!!" -Daryn Startotter

"Have you ever wondered if pancaketh and waffleth are mortal enemieth?" - Kas'tor at random intervals.

"I hate being a terrorist; Pamper me!" -Chimera, while shopping for a dress on Nogalus IV

"When I met you, I thought you brash, impetuous and irresponsible. Over time I've found you're actually sometimes responsible." -Fen bel Iblis to Crash

"You can talk to me, or you can talk to the Jawa; and believe me, you don't want to know what the Jawa will do to you." -Matthias to Imperial spy, regarding Stinky.

"Crash & Burn, please don't!" -Fen bel Iblis to Lyta Miris, immediately preceding a difficult landing.

"We can't back down now… we've got the T-shirts!" -Jericho Hunter

"I'm hoping we don't have to fight any Dark Jedi."
"Those kinds of hopes only lead to disappointment." - Chimara and Crash

(Examining C-3P0) "Weird, it's like he was built by an eight year old or something." -Taylor Castel

"I've never been so happy to be in so much pain." -Darius 'Slik' Wade after nearly getting spaced

"Jezlyn, if you go to the dark side, I'm just going to hand you a map." -Quin Jo

"That sounds like it hurts." - Chimara after she ducked under Force Lightning and the people behind her got hit with it.

"So what do you do on a ship?"
"Oh that's easy, I'm a CBS, Counter Boarding Specialist." - Anonymous Rebel and Choth

"I would've made it if it wasn't for that last Bantha!" - Crash to her Opponent after trying to determine who would be the space transport pilot during a simulator run that Tik'Tik had jury-rigged from the HoloChess board. (And yes, there was money on the race…)

"I'm going to steal an AT-AT."
"What? Are you out of your mind?"
"Nah, most of troops are already out of it. I can do it."
"Well, I'd better come along. Just in case" - Sillo Bluestar & Targo Helix

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