Nut Busters/NB Angels Recruiting Poster

Is everyone you know part of some special team or other? Feeling left out?

Are you female? Does firing big guns make you excited? Do you like to occasionally bust nuts in one way or another? Do you like to have a good time at parties?

If so, this team's for you! It's a team destined to rival Thunder Team in the damage it does.

To join Nut Busters contact either Sara or Jynxie.

If you like the sound of this, but were born with the disadvantage of being male, there is hope for you yet! You can join the NB Angels and get in on the action!

To join NB Angels also contact either Sara or Jynxie.

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High fashion, skimpy, or donned all in armor
Our wiles will distract and make us seem innocent charmers
If you let us in close enough just for a thrill
You'll discover first impressions just might get you killed

And be you unlucky enough to earn our disdain
We'll leave you for dead and writhing in pain
With one simple steel-toed boot, or heel to the nuts
You'll see that us girlies can really kick butt!

But if you guys think you're made of something more
And won't annoy us by just being a bore
Then we'll let you shoot imps, and other such villans
Bust and blow nuts till nothing's left to be killin'
Then away in another's ship we'll all dash
And hit up the bars and the jaccuzi baths
Cause after a hard day's worth of ass-kicking
Nothings better than a little R&R, or slap-n-tickling

When baddies seem to swarm you in clusters
Relax and call in your local Nut Busters
So boys and girlies of almost all ages
Check out our listing in the yellow pages!

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