Omega 2438

Given Name: (In need of new name)
Designation: Omega-2438
Race: Clone
Planet of Origin: Kamino
Occupation: Just a man
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 83kgs
Hair: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Rebellion Rank: Colonel

Notable Items:

Modified XS-800 Light Freighter
x2 R2 unit designated R2-O1 and R2-O2
x2 B2 battle droids
Pikara named Sparkie
3PO droid
LE-series repair droid
Large Dog named Reece

Omega's Playlist:

The Cost of Courage - Immediate Music
Bon Jovi - It's my Life
Diem Ex Dei - Immediate Music
Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
I Think I'm a Clone Now
What I've Done
Can't Change My Past
Fire Head
More Than A Man
Eye of the Tiger (London Symphony Orchestra)
The Final Countdown (London Symphony Orchestra)
Two Steps From Hell - Am I Not Human?


I was born in 50 BBY. I was the thirty-eighth of forty experimental clones as a final experiment to perfect the age acceleration process by which my brothers would be created. Ko-Sai and Orun-Wa were the head scientists on this project and they believed that if a clone could not die of age then he would live to fight on and on, well into the Empire that was to come. So after perfecting the growth acceleration serum that would be injected into every clone pod they injected us with a serum that would make what cells that comprised our bodies after ten years of accelerated growth go into a self induced stasis making it so that we would not age to an extent. This did not mean however that if we were shot or if we got ill we would not die, it simply meant that if we survived the battles that we were destined to face, we would live well into the Empire and beyond. We all received the same rigorous training and that our Null-Arc brothers would later face. I was always told that I was a cut above the rest. I could shoot further, hit harder, and dodge faster then all of brothers. I was Kamino's prize!

The day soon came that we were to be inspected by La Ma Sue and Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas were to inspect the army. Master Sifo-Dyas seemed very impressed with what he had seen of our performance. However La Ma Sue was not so pleased. He said that a clone was meant as a temporary soldier to fight and die on the front line and nothing more. They were not meant to live forever. In addition, a clone was a product. If a product had no expiration date then no one would return to purchase more. So after that the stasis serum was destroyed and One Hundred Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos, or ARC Troopers, were created in our place and our project was wiped from the records. However what was also wiped was the fact that me and my brothers were never disposed of. Although we were not Null-class, we were also made ARC troopers, and, we were already trained for battle.

22 BBY: The First Battle of Geonosis

By this time the republic was over 200,000 units strong. We got bright new armor, powerful new weapons, and training by non-other than the great Mandelorians of the Skirata clan. I remember sitting in the mess hall when the call to arms was issued. We all scrambled to our drop ships and I was assigned to a squad of shineys all my own. They were all excited to get into their first fight and, I must admit, I was probably as excited as they were. Mandelorians proved their worth how much they did on the battle field. Well today it was our turn. Me and my squad loaded up on a transport with orders to engage the enemy and give the Jedi as much support as I could. To make a long story short, the battle didn't go as we had hoped. All but two of my squad were killed that day but the two who survived would prove to be just as, what other clones would call, crazy as I was, but also just as lucky.

22–21.1 BBY, The Battle of Atraiken, a few days after the Battle of Geonosis

Not three days ofter the battle of Geonosis had ended, we were summoned once again to the planet of Atraiken. With barley enough to time to lick our wounds, me and the two clones who survived, Sketch and Reece, packed up and headed to our drop ship where we boarded an Acclamator-I Class assault ship called the Redemption along with a full complement of clones. We were told that confederate droids had taken over the doonium mining facilities there and weren't willing to give them up with out a fight. We deployed quickly and immediately engaged. It was about three months into the fighting that the confederacy did the unthinkable. They unleashed a biochemical contaminant that was supposed to thin our forces, and although it did some damage to our numbers, most of the contaminants flooded into the water supplies and contaminated much of the planet's food. After months of fighting we finally won after initiating Operation Katabatic but the number of civilian casualties that weighed heavily on our spirits made this feel more like severe failure. When we finally pulled out, over 90% of the planet's population was either dead or displaced. The upside was that after Operation Katabatic, Sketch, Reece, and myself were all named "Specialists". Whatever that meant.

21 BBY, The Battle of Skor II, 14 months after the Battle of Geonosis

I found out what that meant. The battle of Skor II was interesting to say the least. Aside from scrapping clankers and having the usual fun that we did, we encountered a life form that would prove to be the bane of the republic for the duration of the battle. The Squib. These small rodent-like sentient would constantly steal our weapons, armor, and ammunition claiming it was shiny. Sure we won the battle, but I lost three good blasters that day! Oh and get this, after the battle the Squib King, King Ebareebaveebeedee, erected a bronzium statue of Mace Windu! Not only that, I heard they named a kid after him. But did Cody get any recognition like that? Not a word.

21 BBY, Second Battle of Jabiim, 14 to 16 months after the Battle of Geonosis

Immediately after our encounter with the Squibs, Sketch, Reece, and I were shipped off to Jabiim in a hurry. General Kenobi and the 43rd Battalion had engaged Assaj Ventris and her troops along with the Nationalist Army of Jabiim. They were pinned down and it wasn't looking good for the republic. It was late in the battle and we were scheduled to rendezvous at Monsoon Mesa with the remaining republic forces to help in the evacuation. on the 43rd day of the battle we finally arrived but it turned out our cargo was more than our capacity. We came in and we got a transmission saying that there were Republic loyalists there and it was a choice between them and my brothers. When we went down, we went in hot. Our pilot flew with the force on his side, however, the force was not on Reece's side. During the evacuation, he was shot an killed by a stray confederate shot. The only reason I remember it was confederate was because I remember dodging the same red bolt. Now, any of my brothers would have gladly given their lives for those loyalists, Reece did. But instead, Commander Skywalker left them to their fate at the hands of the confederacy. No one knows what happened to them but we do know that they never did forgive the Republic or the Jedi for Anakin's betrayal. This was also believed to have been Obi-Wan's last battle, but we now all know that this wasn't true.

21 BBY, Battle of Metalorn, 16 months after the Battle of Geonosis

After the death of Reece, Sketch and I were pretty broken up. We left Jabiim with not the loss of a battle but, for me and Sketch, the loss of a very good friend. So as a bit of a break we got a relatively good break on Metalorn until we got there. This place was no resort. We were there with General A'Sharad Hett and Commander Bhat Jul, her padawan. Despite the heat, rocks, and noise it wasn't all that bad. That is until the Confederacy decided to show up and crash our "lovely" vacation. Something tells me that the Republic knew they were coming. Why else would a Jedi be there? At any rate we fought hard and the joy was the fact that the confederacy was repelled relatively easily with only a moderate number of casualties. However both me and Sketch agreed that this was not the leave we were looking for.

21 BBY, Battle of Aargonar, days after the Battle of Metalorn

After our victory on Metalorn, General A'Sharad Hett, Commander Bhat Jul, Sketch, and myself were redeployed on Aargonar where we met up with several Jedi to take down a confederate foot hold. Just like battle of Jabiim, we lost. A major retreat was ordered along with the burning of our camp to prevent our supplies from falling into enemy hands. However Commander Skywalker and General A'Sharad were still out in the desert. During our evacuation, the droids were pressing hard on our line. General Windu and Commander Jul were fighting hard until a Gunship Bomber Enhanced flew in with a Gouka Dragon following it. We found out that Anakin and A'sharad had survived the battle and the dragon bought us enough time to retreat however, Bhat Jul never made it of Aargonar.

20 BBY, The Battle of Alderaan

Escort duty? They sent us on escort duty!?!? Obviously he Republic was some how getting back at us for the losses at Aargonar and Jabiim. I wasn't even that great a pilot. Sketch was way better then I was, although I guess I'm a little better now. Any ways I got to sit on the bridge while we were apparently accompanying a convoy commanded by General Ph'ton. We were told that there was a small Separatist force beating down supply convoys trying to enter or leave the system. Upon arrival, the fighters were scrambled and Sketch got command of a small fighter squadron all his own though still had to take orders from a bunch of other Jedi. I ended up hopping the controls of a turbo laser battery on one of the Acclamators. We fought hard and we lost a lot of good pilots however Sketch did pretty well with his squadron despite the lack of help from the planet. The Confederacy was quickly driven off since their force wasn't that large to begin with. However this was enough to scare the Alderaanians into dismantling all of their military equipment to hopefully not attract any more attention. This obviously failed however, rumor has it that they actually loaded much of their military supplies onto an unmanned Alderaanian Heavy Frigate called Another Chance and was sent into hyperspace, not to be heard from again until called. Unfortunately Alderaan was destroyed before they could ever summon it back. I believe that aside from weapons, there could be a lot of information about the now lost planet aboard that ship. One day I hope to look into this however, but where would I begin?

20 BBY, The Battle of Bomis Koori IV

So apparently we did a good job during the battle of Alderaan because we were sent to serve with General Skywalker again. Me and Sketch never forgot what we lost and what the Republic lost because of his betrayal on Jabiim. Although, now that General Kenobi was back we believed that we had a fighting chance. We arrived at the planet with the Republic already deployed and the confederate army held up behind a massive shield and behind that shield was a long line of very big guns. So we broke out some big guns of our own! And they did squat. After a month of battle, it was said that we would be firing for another three months after that. We were waisting time, money, and resources and it was getting to be time that some one needed to do something. Then one day, General Skywalker comes into the base and tells General Kenobi that he can get in the base and sure enough he did. The announcement was made that once the Jedi took down the shield, we would rendezvous with them during the charge. So I took a unit to the left flank, Sketch took one to the right, and Commander Cody himself led the charge down the middle. In addition, we had cover from the sky. We had capital ships and fighters tearing them apart while we hit the front lines. It was a much needed success and it felt really good to win.

19 BBY, The Republic Holiday Ball: Coruscant

No this isn't a battle but this is an event that, in my opinion, is worth mentioning. As Clones we were never meant to love or get emotionally attached to anything. Especially considering the fact that there were NO women around with the exception of the odd Jedi, but they have that "no love" policy. After the battle of Bomis Koori IV, we were given the rare opportunity to attend The Republic Holiday Ball as guests rather than security. A select number of higher ranking clones were granting this great honor considering it was mainly Senators and a few Jedi. There were also a few very wealthy bureaucratic types around but you could hardly tell them from the Senators. Over all it was a fun night. Sketch and I were really just sitting around at a table having a couple of drinks and sharing a few laughs. We were just clones and many senators didn't think very highly of us. However, the Jedi always did show us a little more respect. That was always appreciated. Clones have feelings to ya know. Over all there wasn't anything worth mentioning until a Twilek jedi knight walked over to me.
"Greetings Commander" She said. I immediately stood up and at attention, as did Sketch.
"Evening Ma'am" I said attempting to be professional but she just laughed.
"You don't have to be so formal Commander. This is a casual gathering and you are off duty. What are you two doing here all alone?" She asked.
"Er… well we don't exactly have dates." I said.
"Um… I do beg your pardon ma'am but I don't believe Megs or I have had the pleasure." Sketch said.
"Oh! Of course! How rude of me. My name is Ashana Kier. I was lucky enough to be on Coruscant for the ball before I was shipped out on my next assignment." She said.
"Well I'm Colonel Sketch and this is Commander Megs, or thats what we call him." Sketch said trying to be the lady's man.
"Oh? You never chose a name?" She asked me.
"No. I just never found one that fit. My designation is Omega-2438 so everyone just calls me Megs for short." I replied.
"Well its very nice to meet you both. I was just wondering if either one of you wanted to dance. All the other troopers turned me down." She said.
"Oh… well… I don't dance but uh…. Megs does!" Sketch said pushing me forward.
"What!? Uh… Oh!… Hi…." I said bashfully.
"What's wrong Commander? Don't tell me you're going to turn me down too? Honestly you clones are so bent on following orders that you forget that you're human."
"What?…." Thats when it hit me. Not human? is that how we come off sometimes? I guess that could be so but I'm different… I'm not like the other clones am I? "Alright. Lets dance." I replied. She smiled at me and took my hand. Leading me onto the dance floor. I got some of the most shocked looks from some of the other clones. A clone dancing with a Jedi? It was unheard of! Clones are subordinate to Jedi! But in my mind and hers, for that short while, we were equals. Two sentients sharing a dance in the dimly lit room.
After the dance I agreed to meet up with Sketch back at the small hotel we were staying at after I escorted Ashana back to the temple. We took her speeder back and touched down in the hanger. There wasn't really anyone around and when I dropped her off she didn't go away right away. She stopped and looked at me.
"Thank you for a great night Commander." She said.
"It was my pleasure General." I said back. She began to walk off but she stopped and turned back at me again.
"Commander?" She asks.
"Yes General?" I respond. What she did after that took me completely off guard. She looked down blushing brightly. Her green skin shining in the light coming in from the hanger door. She then stood up on her tip toes and kissed me. The silence that followed was deafening.
"Good night." She said quickly and turned leaving me there.
"Good night…" I replied softly standing there silently as I watched her leave. I stood there for what felt like forever and I felt my feelings changing inside of me. I don't know what it was… but I liked it.

19 BBY, The battle of Kashyyyk.

After many years of fighting, facing foe after foe struggling to do good for the republic, it finally all paid off. I was an ARC-trooper commander. Sketch was only a Captain but still always at my right hand. He had been my friend since the very beginning and ever since Reece died, he was my only friend on the battle field that stuck with me through it all. Once we had received word that Delta Squad had confirmed the confederate and trandoshan presence I was deployed to the water front at Kachirho where Sketch and I commanded forces from one side and Gree and his men commanded from the other. Although I wasn't quite clear why I had gotten so much attention in those few months until I was told that I was to be accompanying Ashana Kiir in her portion of the assault. When I heard this my heart sunk a little. Phase 2 had begun and we were all wearing it and we all knew in the back of our minds what was coming next. However there was still a battle to be fought and none of us had any idea when or where the order would be given. We were like ticking time bombs and we knew it. When we were deployed the droid were already dug in tight across the water front so we really had to hit the ground running with this. I stayed in the command tower issuing orders with Sketch while Ashana fought the battle on the ground with the wookies the droids were pressing hard and the fight wasn't going well. Despite having General Yoda and the wookies on our side, things were looking very grim. The droids were organized.
After many months of sustained fighting, it was looking like this would end in a stale mate and that this battle would either end in both sides losing or something worse. And it was just my luck that something worse happened. The droids were beginning a massive offensive against us and then my comms started going off.
"Must be Ashana" I thought as I answered. I was wrong… I was very wrong.
"Commander?" Said the low and raspy voice.
"Yes sir?" I asked.
"Initiate order 66." He said coldly.
"But sir, the droids are mounting a massive offensive. If we initiate the order now-"
"You are not there to think commander you are there to follow orders. Now initiate order 66 or be terminated."
"Y-… Yes sir."
"And Commander."
"Yes sir?"
"Learn your place, or death will be kind compared to the torture you will endure." Then the comms went silent. I stood there silently contemplating what to do. If I initiated the order, I would not only have to kill Ashana but it would also most likely result in my own death at the hands of the droids! I clasped the comms in my hand and I walked out of the room.
"Who was that sir?" Sketch asked.
"That was Ashana. She said she needs reinforcements. I'm going out to help her, stay here and issue orders from the command center." I told him as I grabbed a rifle and walked out and when I did, I was shocked at what I saw. My brothers had all already turned. Even the men under my command had begun to target Wookies as well as droids and Ashana was in the middle of it all. I didn't hesitate, I immediately grabbed a jet pack and blew down to the beach. Ashana stood amongst a group of wookies backing toward the forest wall I landed behind the wookiee line and joined their fight. However, when they saw blue blaster bolts flying past them from behind, hitting clones, many looked back. Several were skeptical however they all continued fending the ones trying to kill them. Although, when Ashana realized she turned to look. This was her downfall. She looked and when she saw me she smiled however only seconds later she jerked forward and gasped. When she hit the ground I saw Sketch standing behind her with a blaster raised.
"You lied commander. You disobeyed the order!" He yelled.
"You! Of all people!" I cried.
"We follow orders commander. Thats all!" He said. I stood there and when I saw him, it felt like something died inside me. Without thinking I drew my blaster and I shot the only clone who I called friend.
I took up Ashana's body and ran. On that day I left the battle, I left Kashyyyk, I left the Republic, and I left the Empire. I lost a friend, I lost my honor, and I lost the woman I loved. Yes… I loved her……..I loved her……………

A Few Years Ago

Can't a Clone ever get a break? Ever since I've joined the rebellion I've been bombarded by force visions, none of them pleasant! Some of them as simple as heebie jeebies to things as horrible as a planet being destroyed and billions of lives just ending. Ashana always said that the force is one's ally and that you can seek comfort in it during times of hardship. I wonder what she thought when she was shot? General Dee'lan told me that everything happens for a reason and that the reasons may not always be clear to us but they are clear to the force. She told me about her experiences with General Kenobi and about what happened to her family. No ones ever shared something so personal with me… She told me that the only comfort she's been able to gain was the fact that her family is now one with the force and that thats where Ashana is. Its sometimes hard to accept things like that, especially when you've lived through what I have. I've made many many mistakes during my time in the rebellion and I've learned even more. I've realized that I have very few friends in the Rebellion because of my rash and sometimes careless actions. I always strove to be the best but it turns out all I achieved was the title of village idiot.
Recently I was on a scouting mission to a planet that was supposedly safe but no one had colonized. We went there to find the place hot and not fun. Most of the mission was a blur however there is one thing that will be burned into my memory for a long time. A jedi… a force apparition of a Jedi who served during the clone wars… with clones… She asked me why I served the Rebellion and I responded "Because I want to show the galaxy that the clones weren't all bad. That I wanted to show the galaxy that the Jedi were the good guys and that everything they stood for was good." She then came back at me with… "By killing innocence?" I had no idea what she meant until she showed me. She showed me a version of order 66 that I thought was real. It turns out what I thought was real, was a lie. A cruel and twisted trick played by the dark side… and I fell right into it… face first… I begged her and pleaded to her that I didn't know and that I thought they were droids or clones trying to kill Ashana and that my intentions were good. All she could tell me was to try harder and that what I was doing wasn't good enough. Talk about a slap in the face. I was devastated and her words still haunt me to this day.
The combination of what that Jedi said and what Dee'lan said to me have led me to this conclusion. The force chose me for something. What? I don't know. Maybe its to die for no reason and maybe its to save the Galaxy. All I know is, I've got a lot of changing to do and many amends to make. I'm sorry for the way I've acted in the past several years and I realize that it was childish and petty. I truly hope that the gentle beings of the Rebellion forgive what I've done and I hope that Ashana is truly one with the force. Because I'm going to need her to guide me down the right path. I just hope that its not to late…….. end log

Present Day

I've been doing a great deal of thinking lately. I've been on something of a hiatus from the Rebellion and I'm finally making my return. However, I find myself looking back on decisions in the past and looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, what exactly was I thinking back then. I approached Rebel command with an operation that turned up two Action VI Bulk Transports, one of which went to the Rebellion and the other one went to me. Both of them were heavily damaged in the fighting but they were flyable. I look back and think about all the ambitions I had for that ship and think what a fool I was. I had every intention of turning that ship into a small frigate but really, what was I expecting to do with all that space and all that power? I make a considerable amount of money now, with my rank in the Rebellion plus what ever I make on missions, but certainly not enough to pay any kind of crew. Not to mention repairs and modifications on that beast would cost me a fortune that I simply do not have or have any means of getting. Sure there are others in the Rebellion who could make the money no problem but even so, its never enough to maintain a ship like that. I'm wondering if my goals shouldn't be set on something smaller. But really what should those goals be? I'd thought of selling both of my ships and getting something smaller like a Lantillian Short Hauler but that seems too small. I have to wonder if my hunt for a massive ship isn't part of a greater problem.
I was born a soldier. I was raised, trained, and conditioned to be a soldier. Is that really my purpose? Is that really my meaning for existence? And then theres the Force. Why would the Force come to me? Why would the Force show itself in me? Does the Force have something to do with my purpose? I did the one thing a clone is never supposed to be able to do. I defied an order. I defied the biggest order in the history of the galaxy. Yet despite all of it I still find myself being fighting a war. Using the skills I was born and raised with and fighting for someone. Sure I'm fighting for something that I believe is right but I'm still fighting! General Fen Bel Iblis took up cooking. Other rebels take on singing or start charities. What can I do? What is something that I can pour myself into that doesn't have to do with fighting? I constantly find myself looking into armor, weapons, and ship modifications. Perhaps I should learn to cook. Maybe I can learn to garden or learn wood working. I want something that I can do that doesn't involve war or fighting. I want to meet a girl, start a family, and have a life that doesn't revolve around war. Yet for some reason I always find myself drawn to war. I've got it! I'll start a transport business! A legitimate business where I take on passengers and shuttle them all over the galaxy! Its not exactly lucrative but I can at least meet people and learn their stories. I can learn what people do with their lives and try to find where I belong. I can hopefully find my meaning. I wish Dee'lan was here. She's supposed to be my "Master" but I haven't seen or spoken to her since I agreed to become her apprentice. I could really use some Jedi advice right about now.
——End Log

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