Order Of The Silver Jedi

The Order of the Silver Jedi is a group of Jedi committed to hunting and stopping the practitioners of the Dark Side (the Sith, etc.), as well as to "Serve and Protect" the Galactic Republic. The Silver Jedi, even more so than the "ordinary" Jedi, were dedicated to the complete eradication of all dark side influences from the Galaxy. Though they were a military organization, they also included some of the great Jedi theorists and philosophers in their ranks. The insignia of the order was a silver crescent with its tips pointed downwards, and a pair of ignited lightsabers crossed at the handles beneath it.

Known Members of the Silver Jedi

Known Artifacts

Notable Achievements

  • They were instrumental in bringing down Exar Kun
  • They had less than 6 members fall to the Dark Side during their over 4,000 year history
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