Other Not So Common Attire

Imperial Uniform:

Jynx still owns a fine tailored and pressed Imperial Junior Officer's uniform. Of note, the rank has been torn off and is missing from the jacket.

Rebel Uniform:

Tailored to enhance her figure, now with a gleaming metal tag proclaiming Major Reon Vo.

Home World Attire:

Jynx also owns a pair of modest robes, both proper for an aide.

There is also one dress that appears much more valuble: a black silk halter dress, very flattering of themid-drift and waist, and sleek at the bottom with one slit riding high up the right thigh. It has a gray lace slip that goes over the dress with a high open collar fringed with soft grey stol fur, and spills low in a 'v' and is tight across the waist again, and then flares out like a cape at the bottom, again edged in the fur. The sleeves are elastic and shapely to the curvature of her arms, blossoming about a third of the way down the forearm. And it comes with black silk gloves with open fingers that barely reach the wrists, again decorated with a layer of the same fine gray lace, though studded with little pearls. there is even a necklace that accompanies the dress, a thin silver chain with a single, small pearl. There is also a matching grey veil in a box that is supposed to be worn with the dress for a wedding.
(Back on Kalandis IV it would have served to sum up one's availability to suitors).

Her favorite home fashion is a 3/4 length, form-fitted black leather trellis coat, with braided frog buttons. On the back of the jacket appears a design of twin birds over an eclipsed planet. (House Crest)

Tapani Noble's Dress:

A rich and vibrant red, Jynx considers a little too mature for her tastes. The dress has a double breasted corsett tie, and fine layers of light red fabric that form a skirt. There are also tripple silver bands that hand loosely from high up on the shoulder, anchoring thin, sheer sleeves. The Dress also comes with matching heels.

Xakon's Little Black Number:

Sleek and silky, the material seems to form to her every movement, and is easily the most expensive and best looking dress Jynx has. Low cut to show off her best attributes: those long, lanky legs….Fred Slick and Mathias much appreciate this number.

The Anniversary Present:

Part of a very lavish gift given by none other than ChiChi, the dress is almost as impressive as the one given by Xakon. Toga like, the fabric is light and a dark navy color, pinned on one shoulder and draped across her chest, leaving her back exposed. The dress winds around her waist and is slitted at the thighs to show off her legs, and also shows a bit of her stomach.

Fuedal Dress:

Made of a strange material in pale pinks, greys, and whites, this dress has long sleeves tight at the upper arm that flare out dramatically at the elbows, and has a full skirt. The bodice/corset is the most lavish part of the outfit, acting as a bustier and waist slimmer, and is embelished with beads and pearls.

Hello Nurse!:

Much appreciated by ChiChi, the uniform is a dark green military type button up dress, cut short at the thigh and is sleeveless. The uniform has a little green nurse's cap with a red cross, a dark brown leather belt cinch, leg garters and garter belt, hose, and over the ankle standard black boots with a six inch heel.

Little Pink Number

Imitation Fett Armor spray painted pink, bearing Jynx's personal logo on the back (squib jolly roger). Usually equiped with every kind of explosive, in addition to rag tag 'squib' creations. Claw marks from a Defel on the back, and various blaster marks.

The Artful Bomber

Black leather bomber jacket over black tank top, formfitted black pants, black knee high boots, and fingerless gloves. Equiped with well worn black blast goggles and micro flechette strapped to right thigh. Rebel dog tags and pink scarf around neck. No obvious explosive devices.

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