Other's Comments On Velen

NPC Comments:

  • Annonymous Trio of Late Teen Girls: Wow, we hope he comes back soon! We can't wait!
  • Dame Gialina: He was soooo wonderful!!!! I was crushed when my father forbade me from marrying him! But now I've met Baron Tull, and it's all due to him!
  • Baron Tull: Sir Velen is the best saberrake ever! He took out a professional duelist in a single strike without even blinking an eye! And he's teaching me all he knows! Plus he caused me to be introduced to Dame Gialina!
  • Baroness Heatherton: Sir Velen is a most respectible sort of Knight. You simply must meet him.
  • Annonymous Squib Serving Girl: He's soooo shiny!!!!

PC Comments:

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