Painful Choices

Part I

“What have I done?” Chimara mutters to the holo recorder. “I knew there would be consequences and I was ready to accept them but now.” She paused and started to cry. “I though I was ready, why is this so heart wrenching. We Jedi can’t save everyone, can we?” She could not hold her self in. “I will do anything to go back and change it.” Chimara says as she quickly deteriorates into tears.

Part II

A more controlled Chimara now sits in front of the recorder. She had obviously been crying. “I made a choice based on what I knew at the time. Obviously the longer I reflect on it, the more I think about it, the more options I become aware of.” She paused and dried her eyes. “I stand by my action, regardless of how wrong or painful it may be, and no I won’t do it again if given the chance. It’s hard to stand up for what you believe in against the empire or even members of the rebellion. Its even harder to do so against your allies and friends.” She paused and was quiet for a moment. “That is why I fail.”

Part III

More determined and yet still defeated and quiet. “The cooking pot is too full to simply dump it out and start over that would be a waste. I’ve added too much and sacrificed too much to give up now. Commit or not commit. I allowed a rotten vegetable to fall into the pot. I must top and fish it out with a spoon. I’ve done this before.”

She paused and looked away. “I’ve done this before, although this time its going to be much more painful.”

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