Equipment / Medical / Healing

Model: Uukablian MedCorp Paravacc 1.X
Type: Parasite-repelling vaccine
Skill: Medicine
Cost: 1,000
Availability: 2
Game Notes:

  • Use of the paravacc requires an Easy medicine roll. If successful, the vaccinated character’s Strength is treated as 1D higher for rolls to resist diseases caused by parasites for the next 20 hours.
  • Each paravacc holds enough medicine for 10 vaccinations.
  • Characters using the vaccine for more than three days begin to suffer from what seems like utter exhaustion, losing one pip from each attribute for each day thereafter until the paravacc’s use is ended. Each day without injection returns one pip to each attribute.

Source: The DarkStryder Campaign – The Kathol Outback (page 54)

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