Parts Of The Amulet Part 1

This mission began when Lem Salizar , a researcher and analyst, decrypted a communiqué from a group of Hunters that were assigned to hunt for the pieces of an amulet. Knowing they would find the pieces eventually, Lem felt it was time to reclaim and redisperse the pieces of the amulet to keep it from the Hunters.

Lem learned, through his research, that one piece was entrusted to a Force guardian known as The Golden Sun on the planet Sedri. So a team traveled to Sedri and the accompanying Force Users led the way to the Golden Sun.

As they approached Sedrian, the underwater inhabitants of Sedri, stopped the group but only to explain that their spiritual leader was expecting them. They were led to the spiritual leader that told of a prophecy that one day heroes from the stars would come to take the tests of The Golden Sun. And upon passing the test they would be entrusted with an ancient evil to watch over.

There were four tests to be completed (Endurance, Courage, Wisdom, and Purity).

The Test of Endurance consisted of battle against seemingly insurmountable numbers of seatroopers. This test was passed by continuing to fight on until the battle was over.

The Test of Courage was standing up to a Hunter team led by Kamino Forscan.

The Test of Wisdom by was a pair of riddles.

Child of stone, swiftly dying;
Child of sky, lightning cracks;
Child of wood, snapping, flying;
Child of steel, bloodless hacks.

The answer was Sparks.

Fastest traveler ever known,
And never do I slumber,
Ere you move I’m long since flown,
A letter bears my number.
But for all my matchless speed,
The ancient and immobile tree,
Responding to a primal need,
Traps and trains my energy.

The answer was Light.

The Test of Purity was bathing in the light of the Golden Sun which apparently harms those with any taint of the Dark Side.

When they passed all of the tests they were given the Alter piece of the Amulet of Exar Kun. They quickly learned that even a third of the amulet was harmful to Light Side Force Users causing injuries upon contact either physically or through the Force, but when a non-Force Sensitive individual grasped the amulet, they had access to some of the amulets latent abilities Force abilities. These abilities were the ability to move objects with the Force (Telekinesis) and the ability to create a sphere of pure hatred with the Force (Bolt of Hatred).They also learned that in the hands of a Dark Side user the amulet would amplify the user’s ability to Alter the Force around them and give access to the abilities listed above if they weren’t able to use them before.

The team quickly left Sedri when they learned that the real Hunter team was closing in on them to attack and take the amulet piece. Apparently the previous combat encounters were something done with the Force.

The piece gained was claimed by M'rath Etra.

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