Parts Of The Amulet Part 2

A team was once again recruited by Lem for another mission. He had found more information about another piece of the amulet.

In a translation of writing found in the tomb on Kephrem he learned more about another piece, it:

Would lay protected and guarded as the flock.

Knowing that the Jedi entrusted the amulet pieces to powerful Force users, the team surmised that the second piece was protected by The Herders.

On approaching the Herder planet the team almost crashed due to system complications, because they were told by the Herders to never return. But when the Herders searched the approaching visitor’s motives, they gave the team permission to land in the crystal city.

The team was met by the Herders and their Imperial ‘guests’ and all treated to a feast. At the feast the Herders said that to find the amulet they must travel into the Heart of the Crystal City.

The team headed out together, but was quickly separated into individuals by shifting walls of the crystal city. Eventually each team member encountered a mirror image of themselves that asked, “Why do seek the amulet?”

If the team member answered for power or to use it or anything questionable, the reflection faded and a door opened to reveal the amulet on a stand. When they touched the amulet, they reappeared at the starting point with the Herders. The Herders exclaimed, “You seek the amulet for the wrong reason. You chose poorly”.

If the team member answered, to keep it from the Dark Side because its hiding place will be revealed, the reflection exclaimed, “You fool” as it reached out of the reflection becoming an opponent. The person then had to battle the evil within them which took on their form. If they lost the fight, they returned to the Herders unharmed with the Herders saying, “You must struggle hardest against the evil within, but do not surrender the battle”. But if they won, a door opened revealing the real amulet.

The piece was claimed by Loren Nik who was the quickest to defeat his evil reflection.

Unfortunately as everyone regrouped the Herders explained that others were approaching. They showed on one of the crystal walls an approaching Imperial fleet consisting of 2 cruisers, 2 Lancers and 2 Victory Star Destroyers. The Herders told the group that they would shield there presence as they escaped the planet.

As the team’s ship approached the fleet, the Imperials opened fire on the city not on the team’s ship as if it was unseen.

A barrier, similar to a planetary shield, came around the city and blocked even the heaviest bombardment.

When the team’s ship passed the fleet, everyone present heard in their mind,


At that moment the barrier seemed to drop and the crystal city was bombarded and completely destroyed.

The team’s ship then had to battle through over a squadron of TIE fighters as the capital ships continued to bombard the site of the crystal city.

This piece of the amulet granted the user the ability to ignore the pain associated with injuries (Control Pain), enhance their ability to call on the force through their anger (Rage), and the ability to use the Force to cause the body to absorb damage better (Reduce Injury). In addition, it is believed that this piece would enhance the Control over the Force of a Force-User who had fallen to the Dark Side

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