Parts Of The Amulet Part 3

A third team was recruited by Lem Salizar for this mission. He did not find where the third piece was, but did learn that it was entrusted to the Order of the Silver Jedi. Lem asked the team to go to Ensada IV where the Silver Jedi had their headquarters. Lem explained that the Hunters destroyed the Jedi at the headquarters three years previous at the beginning of the purge, but no report was made that the hidden archive of the Order was found. Lem believed the archive to be hidden in the base so well that the Hunters could not find it. The archive would surely tell what the Order did with the piece of the amulet.

The team took a fleet of their own to stay protected from possible enemy attacks. The fleet consisted of the Icharus Starward, the Plausible Deniability, 4 Y-Wings, and one Z-95. The team arrived at the base without incident.

The main complex doors were ripped from their tracks by what could have been explosives and heavy weapons, possibly even starship weapons. As the group entered the base the technicians began scanning as the team moved through the location and detected a single life sign within the structure.

As the team moved towards the room with the life sign they passed many signs of combat and destruction. When they came to the room with the life sign and looked in the team saw a lone old man slumped in a high-backed chair sitting at a table with about 30 other empty chairs. The room appeared to be a briefing room by the presence of holoprojectors included in the table. The man appeared asleep or dead, but as soon as one of the team memmbers approached his eyes sprang open and he leapt from his seating hurling it backwards. There was obvious anger in his eyes as he ignited both of his lightsabers. “So you have come to finish the job you started 3 years ago. I will die as my brothers did, in combat, but I will take several of you with me”, the man exclaimed with vehemence in his voice.

Even as the team tried to calm the man and explain they were friends while backing away, the crazed former member of the Order of the Silver Jedi steadfastly approached his nearest target, Jedi Knight Sillo Bluestar. Bluestar assumed a nonthreatening posture in the hopes to convince the man to not attack, but the former Jedi had gone mad and proceeded to attack.

As the lightsaber was coming down to kill Bluestar, Skaa, a Force user following path of the Kooroo, attempted to project calm thoughts into the mind of the crazed Jedi. While he could not break through all of his barriers, Skaa was able to make him falter and stop his attack.

For several moments after this the crazed Jedi would find moments of lucidity, but could not regain his senses. He would begin to attack and falter. All of the group’s attempts to get through to the Jedi failed.

At one point about this time, Brick strolled up and took a seat. This caused the mad Jedi to lash out with his power.

“How dare you defile my brothers by taking one of their seat”, the mad Jedi spouted as he slammed Brick to the ground crushing the seat he had taken.

Several of the group then began drawing blasters, because communicating seemed to be futile. Then two members of the team, Skaa and Bluestar, pulled out Skqinock pendants. In one of the mad Jedi’s lucid moments his gaze became fixed on the pendant.

Skaa used this moment to once again try to breakthrough by projecting calm emotions into the mad Jedi. It worked. As his hatred returned to peace, he dropped his lightsabers and grasped the Skqinock pendant. Tears rolled down his face as realization of what he had become was now clear to him. He thanked the group for bringing him back from the Dark Side.

He explained that he returned to the base to find all of his brothers slain. He was the last of the Order of the Silver Jedi. In the years that followed his grief consumed him unknowingly. The Jedi introduced himself as Battlemaster Terrill Jostner. “I must join my brothers, for I am too old to continue the fight as the last of my Order. I do thank you for saving me. Can I offer you anything before I go?” he asked.

Of course the team asked about the location of the archive and the team was rewarded with learning that the archive chamber is behind the East wall within the meditation chamber.

“If you enter the proper Code you will gain access,” the Battlemaster stated. He retrieved his lightsabers and gave one to each of the team members that displayed the Skqinock pendant. As his physical form began to fade and his empty robes fell to the floor many in the group asked what the code was.

His only reply was a projected thought to the two holding his lightsabers, “I am not allowed to tell you. If you are to gain entrance you must look within to learn the Code for yourself. May the Force be with you,” his voice echoed in their minds and faded away.

Skaa broke open the lightsaber in an attempt to “look within” and found nothing. Others broke open the holoprojector on the table again “looking within”. Again nothing was found.

The techs quickly were able to open the false wall and began to try to bypass the inner door security. With their massive skills they could not open the door, but they did learn that the keypad was simply for decoration. The wires were not attached to anything. However the audio sensor above the keypad was connected.

Knowing the code to be verbal, the group began yelling out words in an attempt to open the door. After a few moments, Jedi Knight Sillo Bluestar stepped forward and began to utter the Jedi Code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.

When he finished the door opened to reveal the archive. The archive consisted of 30 spheres known as archive modules. By holding them in one’s grasp and thinking about the contents of the archive, the information is transmitted directly into the individual’s mind. These appear to be similar to holocron technology.

The team also found a Holocron containing the entity of Battlemaster Janus Gebb, one of the first founding members of the Order of the Silver Jedi (The Silver Jedi Holocron). There was an empty lightsaber rack (apparently these were all used when the base was under attack). In a bin they found several lightsaber gems of varying qualities. They also found on a table 2 lightlances, large versions of a lightsaber used from on beast or speeder to stop combat vehicles. Of course there was some money tucked away that everyone split. And in a locked cage in the back they found several Dark Side tainted objects: 2 lightsabers, a sword, a double-bladed lightsaber, and another holocron. After several attempts these items were eventually destroyed. But no evidence of the amulet piece was found in the vault.

As the team began using the archive modules, they learned each had a date stamp for the time period the module covered. Some were hundreds of years and others only a few years depending on the events at the time. When the team searched the time period when the amulet was hidden, the person searching was not permitted access most likely because they were not strong enough in the Force to know the hidden knowledge. When a more experienced Jedi, Knight Bluestar, searched the block was removed, but all that was gained was another riddle.

Encased in the blood of the unseeing, locked in a crystal shell to lie with the giant where the guardian awaits nearby to watch for the return of evil.

As the team reviewed the riddle the pieces started falling into place. It was speculated that the ‘giant’ referred to a gas giant planet, a good hiding place if ever there was one. Then part of the team remembered the after action report from the starship retrieval missions where one had a guardian mentioned (Ship Acquisitions –Yavin). In reviewing that mission log they learned that on the fourth moon of Yavin a guardian helped save the life of Arkansas Dave after encountering some Dark Side monster that was awoken after a long slumber. So this would make the gas giant Yavin.

When checking the archives for references to the blood of the unseeing, they found a reference to one of the Order finding a creature that actually was able to block the Force. No details were mentioned about this creature, because it would be incredibly dangerous if any Dark Side followers would learn of this creature.

So with all of these pieces of the puzzle, it appeared the amulet piece was sealed inside a crystal filled with the blood of this Force blocking creature and put into the gas giant Yavin where on the fourth moon a guardian would watch over it and some evil creature.

When all of the pieces fit, the Force-sensitives on the team began to have a vision.

They saw a very large corusca gem being collected by some Rebels. The vision flashes forward to show Blackjack, one of the Rebels on the mission, selling the large gem along with some smaller ones. The vision flashes forward to show the purchaser of the gem handing it over to an Imperial Captain with a blue face and red eyes. This Captain took the gem and placed it on a pedestal under protective transparisteel in some sort of art gallery. The vision flashes forward again, this time to the near future, where a Hunter and his Adept enter the gallery of this Captain. Heated words are exchanged as the Captain is forced aside. The Hunter stretches out his hand and the transparisteel shatters. The large gem is lifted into the air as chunks of the gem break away eventually revealing a crystal sphere with some form of red liquid inside. The sphere floats towards the Hunter as it splits open spilling the red liquid on the deck plates. A jagged piece of a red gem falls out of the sphere into the hand of the Hunter as a smile crosses his face. His head turns swiftly as if looking directly at those partaking in the vision as he states.

“With this we will soon find the missing pieces of the amulet and reunite them for our Master”.

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