Skills / Perception Skills

Time Taken: One round or longer.
Specializations: Specific form of persuasion — debate, storytelling, flirt, oration.

Persuasion is similar to Con and Bargain — and is a little bit of both. A character using persuasion is trying to convince someone to go along with them — but they aren't tricking the person (that would be Con), and they aren't paying them (as in a Bargain).
However, potential rewards can be offered — talking someone into rescuing a princess from an Imperial holding cell is definitely a persuasion attempt. And stating that the reward would be "bigger than anything you can imagine" without going into details is not unusual.
The difficulty ranges for Persuasion are the same as for Con above — except they should be modified as follows:
If the character making the persuasion actually means what he says about a situation (as Luke did when he talked to Han about rescuing Leia), then decrease the difficulty range by one level.
If the character making the attempt is actually trying a low-level con on the target (as Greedo tried to when he told Han he'd "lose" him if Han turned over the money he owed Jabba), then increase the difficulty range by one level.

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