Pfeiffer McPhearson

Pfeiffer McPhearson

Species: Human Female
Homeworld: Procopia, Tapani Sector Capital
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Recent Graduate of Shey Tapani University with a Masters' Degree in Mathmatics.
Current job holding as Actuary for work hazzard percentages.

Physical Description:

Pfeiffer has beautiful almond shaped hazel eyes often made up with black liner and a combination of green eye shadows. She has 'natural' red hair treated with thin gold highlights and black and darker red low lights which she wears in loose tresses to mid-back. She is of a pale complextion with a bronze blush about her and is always seen with a smile.

Her usual attire consists of a black leather jacket cropped high up, a hunter green corsette, a black leather belt, charcoal gray form fitting pants, and over the knee black leather boots with a two inch heel. She usually also wears a black beaded necklace and matching earings of a considerable wieght.

(This allias has been blown and there is now a $250,000 credit bounty for Pfeiffer McPhearson (ID-wise) though the physical description doesn't match)

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