Player Instruction 2

Giver’s Day/Solstice Celebration

Location: On board Discovery at Uneeq’s bar

Host: Dee’laan Gad’wa-Heega

Set-up: Dee’laan recalls that the Tatooine holiday of Solstice day and the galactic holiday of Giver’s day coincide this year on Tatooine. Not being able to get away and having no family on Tatooine to share the holidays with, she decides to host a celebration on board Discovery with her surrogate family, friends and acquaintances.

Purpose of Mission: To promote role-playing between characters in an enclosed setting.

Goal of Mission: To allow all players to learn more about the other members of the Crucible sector Rebellion, both living and dead.

Format & Judging: This event will be run in a more interactive style than our traditional RPG style. There should be almost no need for any player to need dice or their character sheet. There will be a few set tables/stations with set things to be done at them such as Pazzac and the memorial wall.

A number of experienced players will be tapped as judges. In addition to playing their own character, they will have the additional job to encourage role-playing amongst all players, to insure that no one is left out and that existing cliques intermingle with all players instead of playing with themselves. Their other job is to sign off on player’s update sheets (or event card) when a player has completed one of the internal mission events.

Player Event options to earn Character Points: Like any Seminar, PCs earn 3 cp for the event. This time players will need to complete 3 different event options to earn their Seminar cp.

• Pazzac: Learn and play a game of Pazzac or challenge the reigning champion.
• Memorial wall: Leave something on the memorial and share with another player you are not already friends with something about what you left, who you are honoring and why.
• Provide some form of entertainment for a larger portion of the group: Sing a song, dance a home planet dance, play a home planet piece of music, recite a poem, tell a tale, etc.
• Giver’s Day gift: leave a gift or multiple gifts under the Giver’s Day tree to be distributed to others.
• Buffet snack table: Bring a bit of food to be shared with others and explain the dishes origins &/or significance to your home culture (can be just a description of the dish left on the food table but the player must actually tell the story to other players).
• Philosophical discussion: Must take place with multiple players and should be ones you have not had this discussion with before.
• Campaign history: Share with newer players some of the background of the campaign in character. This could be an explanation of the names on the Memorial wall.

Possible extra CP or extra perk:
Costume as your character: This does not have to be a competition level costume. It does need to not look like your regular street clothes; you do need to put some effort into it.

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