Playing With Fire

Dear Diary,

ChiChi has gone back to the Discovery to sort things out with DD in regards to ratting her out as a general in the alliance.

Barab is lonesome without him, I've been spending a lot of time in the gardens, thinking about my parents, or with T'Savik out and about on the streets of Barab.

Taylor and I have also spent a little time together…she has been showing letting me experience things throught the power of the force. I admit the first time she did so I was hesitant about it. My prejudice of it made me fearful, hateful. But I trust Taylor, and she wanted me to feel what it was like in her shoes.

It was an awsome and frightening experience, the rush of all the power, of perfectly knowing your place in the galaxy in that exact moment. The feeelings your senses overwhelming…

Taylor has shown me more last night in the confides of the apartment. She let me experience what my gardens are to her…the sensory overload, the extreme rapture of the place that culminates in a sense of euphoria.

But I was curious about other things. She had talked of Mindor. I didn't understand, Mindor is nothing to me, but to her…I wonder what things people as I am miss out on, alll the things we consider dull and void of life….are they? I wanted her to show me Mindor and she did.

Her anger, her lust to cause pain had been great. Her feelings merged and became my own, as if it were me in her stead…but just as those feelings were growing they ceased. She told me that she had been knocked down. In the pit of me I was angry for it.

But Taylor has shown me other things….the feeling of life….the rapture of love….the feel of cradeling death, of giving life to a body….of pain and anger.

I want more…I want to feel it again. Taylor tells me that it will come in moderation, that she will share, but in time I shall learn more. But I don't want to wait….I want to feel it over again, the explosion of feelings.

But I will wait….I do not want Taylor to take this away.


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