Sense Difficulty
spaceE (10) – less than 2 hours
spaceM (15) – between 2 hours and a week
spaceD (20) – between a week and 6 months
spaceVD (25) – between 6 months and 1 year
spaceH (30) – between 1 year and 2 years
space+10 – For every additional year
Required PowersHibernation Trance, Life Detection, Sense Force
Time to use – Five minutes; the time to use may be reduced by adding +10 for each minute cut. Minimum time to use is one minute.
Effect – Postcognition allows the Force-user to investigate the tenuous imprints of the Force left on objects when they are handled by living beings. The character must be able to handle the object.
The Force-user must declare how far in the past is being reviewed prior to rolling Postcognition. If the roll is successful, the Force-user can determine who has handled or touched the object and what events have transpired around it. The Force-user may "search" for specific incidents or simply review past events, somewhat like viewing a hologram.

Postcognition Roll vs. Target NumberspaceEffect
=> 3 times the difficultyspace space spacAs if the Force-user were actually present
=> 2 times the difficultyspace space spacGains a good sensory impression, but the primary sense (whichever sense gives the most
space space space space space space spinformation, usually sight) is obscured.
=> the difficultyspace space space spaceAll sensory impressions are blurred, only a vague sense of who handled the object and
space space space space space space spwhat events transpired around it.

Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.146-147

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