Pr. 112 Arkanis

I found some time to speak with Taylor recently while on Barab about my trip to see Ogus and what happened with Jack. Now that I am back on Hope, I've shared this information with Jord as well.

It seems that Jack is…or rather that he was a a slave who had once been on Arkanis.

I knew it would come down to visiting the libraries there when we discovered we would need a pure strain of the DNA the Imperials had gotten a hold of, and after telling Jord what I envisioned getting into that facility he kinda chuckled. Since he is a native there and we had Jack to go on he suggested we go in with that as a lead. Like looking up a bounty, since he was technically a slave.

So I had my license updated and we took what information we had on Jack with us to Arkanis. Jord warned me that I wouldn't get much clearance and to follow his lead while we were there, so we took the Dust Bunny and headed out.

I was actually surprised when we were able to pretty much walk right into the facilities on Arkanis, but then again I suppose since Jord was native and new his stuff that it wasn't too bad. I wonder if he's worked in that building before…I'll have to inquire about it. Granted his wife might have been working there for a time.

I don't really remember feeling so nervous sitting and waiting before. I let Jord boss me around once we left the ship, and he left me sitting in a waiting area while he entered into the library. It was hours….I didn't know if Jord had gotten caught. It would have been a good idea at that time to have given him at least an ear com to keep contact with him while he was out of site, but eventually he came out. And just like nothing eas up we were able to walk out. Jord didn't say much but he seemed annoyed…I realize now that was part of the ruse because when we are on the ship he smiled and pulled out a sample of the pure strain.

So now it's back to the Hope and back to Work, granted I am being rotated up on a training mission so the research will have to wait.

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