Pr.112 Bailed Out

Lab Log

It's good to be free of stun cuffs. Oh, how I am slipping.

I traveled to the system which I will not name in my logs given the state of things. It is vital that nothing happen there. As vital as it was on Mindor….

The creatures I sought out, called Tieranim, thrive only on this world, and it is their venom that most closely matches the taint raging in my system. Despite my bounty and that on the ship I set out and landed. The place was backwater as they come, and after establishing myself as a legitimate business woman I rented a speeder and took off towards my set location along the coast.

It was a long drive, and I had my equipment loaded in the back seat. Once at the coast I admit I was a bit flustered at first. I couldn't just walk down to the water's edge, and the cliff was full of some barnacle like creatures that I was able to take a sample of. But my target lived in the water, below the swelling sea.

I could make out a few, but was at a loss as to how to get to them. And the waters were not always calm….in fact, it seemed that when the waters raged and swelled up at high tide it made the perfect feeding ground for the clams. I commed ChiChi asking for his assistance ASAP….I told him it was a matter of life and death, which, in a way it was. I should have known better.

He came out….as Dono the bounty hunter. Told the natives in 'town' that I was wanted and they pointed me out to him right away. Needless to say he wasn't pleased when I pointed down at the water to the clams and told him that I couldn't get in the water myself to get them out. Leave it to Squib ingenuity to think of a tractor beam first, only we didn't have one. So we made do with rigging the survival tent into a trap and pulled three of the giant clams out of the water and into separate holding tanks. It took a lot of effort but it was managed in the end.

Chichi only told me as we prepared to leave that he had told the locals he was here to collect my bounty. I thought it was cute, what were locals to a seasoned vet like me?

I'll tell you…..when the economy sucks it makes people all sorts of inventive. There was a nice lynch mob after me for the reward….they actually parked vehicles around my ship to keep me out. And I am sad to say that one well aimed shot was all it took to take me down.

Luckily ChiChi was able to sort things out, and collected me, my quarry, and both of our ships before heading out. He did make me sleep it all off in the brig of his firespray in a pair of cuffs for the trouble…..I will be owing him big after all of this.

Anyways, I have three specimens and am eager to get them back to the lab aboard the Hope. I've also filed with command to send me on less missions as I have become more involved with my research.

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