Pr 112 Beginning

Data Log 1: Mission Report

Command sent our team on a covert mission to retrieve information on some sort of genetic experiments being conducted by the Empire. The team was comprised of myself, Lt. Corporal Chimera, Sara Starsider, Mrrvyn, Dirk, and Vandin.
Initially we were to break in through the sewer systems that ran under the base itself. After some time trudging through the sewers we finally came across a garbage chute that would allow us access into the base: however little were we aware that even this entrance was secure. There was a lack of communication between some of the team and I, and thinking that no one had the skills to hack the security on the door I used thermite gel explosives to open it, setting off the alarm.
We were able to enter in and retrieve the data we were looking for despite some slight mishaps on our part to remain unnoticed by the Imperials on base. Most of the data involved information on various projects being tested at the lab on base, along with information that the only 'successes' were being relocated to another base off planet. Among these successes was a record of Project 112.
As we returned to our ship we discovered a dead body at the foot of the ship entrance and a note by Project 112, which we took to be a plea for help… wrong we were.

Leaving the base, it was decided that we were going to go after Pr.112 without reporting back to Discovery first, though we did relay the information that we found to Command. From there we followed our lead to another research facility on a heavy Imperial training world. While we began our investigation as to where 112 was being taken some of the crew were forced to board a vessel headed below ground. With some hesitation the rest of the team boarded as well, fearing separation from the rest of the crew since neither Command nor anyone else was aware that we had technically gone AWOL.
We were able to take control of the transport after the innocent citizens who had been herded aboard had risen against the officers. With help from the team we were able to neutralize the situation and get the passengers off the transport before continuing along ourselves.
We did meet a man named Jord who was himself a geneticist and whose wife had been involved in researching the experiments. He was frantic and easily set off, obvious from the stress of the situation, however we agreed to allow him to come along with us.
The facility had been abandoned after being shut down for quarantine. Entering into the facility I took point to go through the cleaning room. I feel responsible for not ordering the others who chose to follow me in to stand down and wait till I had made sure it was safe. Mrrvyn, Jord, and Chimera entered into the cleaning room along with me and it was only then that I was aware that something was the matter. We had become infected via inhaling an agent mixed into the cleaning blasts of the room.
The rest of the team (Vandin, Sara, and Dirk) were able to get us out of the confines without getting dosed as we had. Moving on from there we found a chemical lab where Jord and I paused to search for any information on the project that we could find, also taking the time to discern what had happened to ourselves. It was here that we were able to realize that indeed we had been dosed with something that was rapidly taking over our DNA structure. Feeling there was nothing to be done, we moved on.
Searching the rest of the facility we came up empty handed, but we at last made it to the main laboratory and communications room. Chimera urged us to be cautious about opening the main door here, which I was able to hake into without incident. Peering inside it was obvious there was a body on a gurney in the room, and beyond this a convex glass screen shrouded with red mist in which a faint blue light was radiating through.
As we entered the room Mrrvyn and I moved closer to get a look at the body. It was then that we were ambushed by a number of the other 'projects' and I was hit with a hypodermic from the body on the table.
The team and I were able to sweep the room clear of the 'projects' and among them was found Jord's wife whom he tended to. Cutting our losses we then hurried back to the surface and departed back to the Discovery.

Chimera and I were put through the courses as commanding officers for the mishaps that occurred on the mission before we went AWOL. I took the brunt of the blame for the mishaps, since I was the leading cause behind them and the need to send in a cleaning crew after us. At the moment, I am under Quarantine along with Mrrvyn and Chimera. Jord and his wife are with us as well, I promised them safety among the Rebel Alliance, a lab to work in, and a team to aid in research.

I also asked Sara to please inform ChiChi that I am ok, though I may not be seeing him for some time.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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