Pr 112 In Foresight

Jynx looked out from the view port of the Dust Bunny's gun well. Down below some of the personnel sweeping up, washing the outer hulls of ships, or assisting in minor repairs. She herself had already check the concussion missiles in their tubs to make sure they were still in tip top shape. Now she sat back in the Quad Laser turret with her feet resting up on the inner weapon controls, her headset dangling from it's line in the ceiling. There were throw pillows and a blanket in here, and a small catch of glow rods. Even though she had a room below in the Captain's quarters she still enjoyed lounging in the well most of the time.

Small mock tie-fighters made up of odds and ends hung down from the ceiling, which was covered in glow stars, J-Pop was written in marker on the side of the cannon control.

She had been trying to take her mind off work, and also of her planned trip home to Barab I. With the adoption of the girls, ChiChi had told her it was in the best interests of everyone involved that he and she talk to 'Dad' about the new additions. She frowned, turning a training TD round in her fingers. She didn't even need to watch what she was doing with the training object anymore, she knew the sequences by heart now, it was mostly a rubric puzzle anyways. It's lights flashed red in mock warning that it was armed.

She was thinking about Barab too, and the other talk she felt she needed to have with 'Dad' about a certain black comm.

She sighed, her eyes shifting to the puzzle ball in her hands as she turned it this way and that, causing the lights to shift patterns and change colors and speed. The adoptions, and a conversation she had with Aierobu while on Mine was still making it's presence known in her mind. Children….she had wondered about having them once before, but it had been more of a passing fancy she figured came with age and all the other subjects that had piqued her interest over the years. The first time she had really stopped to consider it as a possibility had been when she felt perhaps her and Fred might wind up in a more serious relationship. Even then she had been hesitant about it, unsure if she could handle bringing a child into being with the way things were presently, or even if she would be a good parent. She had felt for too long that her parent's hadn't been and was afraid to consider following after them in that.

Married to ChiChi she hadn't had to worry about it since, but now that they had adopted children….and after seeing Jord and his wife. She had wondered if he and her ever planned to have kids in the future and that had sparked an entirely new thought process in concerns to R.A.G.E Syndrome.

Like, whether or not it would be passed down to offspring. She hadn't considered it at all until a few nights ago. Now it was making her worry, not really inwardly in concerns to her. But if anyone else became infected…what would it mean to them and their plans for the future? For family?

She understood how some things worked…could stay in the blood and be passed down in genetics. If two infected carriers had offspring, what would it mean then? And if not how long would it remain dormant in the blood, biding it's time before it reared it's ugly head and tore a family apart? Or at least made hell for the unfortunate offspring?

She considered infecting two pikara and breeding them together to see the result, but so far none of the pikara she had tested the strain on had survived for long. So she needed something a little more stable. What did that mean? It meant asking Fred for a DNA sample….and not just a pin prick of blood, no. She already had that from TikTik….she'd need reproductive DNA and she wasn't sure it was a good idea for her to ask him for it.

Jynx rotated her neck, feeling her joints pop and she sighed in frustration, completing the sequence on the practice TD. The lights flickered pink for a moment, then went off and she let it fall to the wayside among the pillows as she swung her feet over and off the weapons control. Maybe she could get someone else to gather that sample for her….Pistolwhip did owe her a favor, though she was loathe to waste it on this. Besides, what if he didn't want to give her the sample, or didn't approve of what she was going to do with it?

"Arg!" she kicked the side of the well with her boot, then slid down the ladder to the deck plating of the corridor below her. "Why does everything have to be so complicated? I should have TikTik do it. Fred Slick, here's a cup. Put your reproductive tissue in it and bring it back ASAP" she shook her head, sure TikTik wouldn't sound quite like that.

She paused in mid stride down the hall, thinking about ChiChi. He had a right to know what she planned to do to. Even if he didn't like it….she didn't like it either but it was the only way to know. "Damnit" she cursed in Barab, a bad habit she picked up from training with Mama.

It was settled, she turned towards the galley and picked up a bottle of liquor, intent on talking to Taylor about her dilemma.

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