Pr.112 Introducing The X Factor

Data Log:

I've brought back some nutrients for Jord's wife as he has asked. I feel the need to allow them as much space as possible right now, given what he and her have been through.

Going back over the formula that Jord's wife, in her state of frenzy scrawled on the wall with her own blood, there is no denying that the make up for the formula is that of some kind of a toxin or venom. I suppose it's not that surprising….does an antidote not require that which is potentially dangerous to begin with?

In all my investigations into finding something similar I have only found one source on a remote planetary system. This is going to be quite a long shot, but right now it's the only hope I have.

Final note:

With everything that has been going on, I am afraid that I no longer trust myself in what I am doing. 112 has already been in my head….I fear that the quest I am set forth on may be some cruel mind game. I don't know if what I am doing is for my benefit or his. Is he leading me forward to his own ends, and if so how will that effect the rest of the infected? Please….let there be some light at the end of all of this.

I suppose it would be hard either way, but knowing that there are other infected who need a cure as badly as I do….makes it all the more dire. I fear looking in on Jord's wife, seeing how much further advanced her mutation is. And I keep an eye on the others who were dosed as much as I can to see if they have developed symptoms I have already experienced.

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