Pr 112 New Victim

Lab Log 6:

TikTik informed me this morning that someone else was recently infected by the strain: Fred Slick. I'm not sure how I feel about this, I mean I am upset that someone else was infected but…..Fred…..I can't handle Fred. He too has been acquitted of the quarantine so he has no business in the lab, but he has offered his services in helping where he can.
Eventually I will have to tell ChiChi, since he is aware that I am infected by something, thanks to Sara telling him. TikTik is also aware and slightly worried about having ChiChi run a muck in the lab, so I have taken the liberty to asking the techs in the hangar to informing me ASAP should his ship request docking.
One a side note, I've decided to call the unknown strain the Rage Syndrome: Rapid aggressive Genetic Exchange.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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