Pr 112 Quarantined

Data Log 2:

Jord's wife has come around today, but she is easily upset and confused by seeing new faces. He is keeping her in a room suited to reduce her metabolic state in the hopes to retard the process of the infection. He stays by her side most of the day when he is not working beside me and TikTik in the lab. Since seeing how his wife responds to having more than Jord around I have taken it upon myself to give them as much privacy as I can.
TikTik has samples of my DNA from before the taint by which I am monitoring the progression of the taint. Proving my dedication to discovering a way to negate this taint TikTik was able to gain some access to the information on the strain from our initial break in, and Jord and I have been reading through the information.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

Lab Log 3:

TikTik has been taking records of our symptoms since we've been dosed. He has acquitted Mrrvyn and Chimera of the Quarantine, as well as Jord. While the others have left Jord has stayed behind, and will not leave his wife's side.
In her wakefulness she has divulged information to Jord on some of the research data and knowledge she retains of the projects. While it comes in small snippets it has helped where it can.
I am still in Quarantine, double dosed as I was, to be certain that it will not spread. Seeing Jord and his dedication to his wife makes me desperately miss ChiChi. I tried to send him a com, but there was no answer. I am told he is away on a mission with Sara.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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