Pr 112 R A G E

Lab Log 10:

TikTik's put me through my paces now that I'm back on the Discovery, testing to see what symptoms arise in me concerning the RAGE syndrome. Now is the perfect time to test since I have had a little time to rest and relax.
Sure enough the symptoms have reared their heads: Temperate shifts in personality, distracting headaches/ migraines that make it hard to focus, nausea, panic attacks, severe pain, and disorientation. All of these are things that have the potential to jepordize future assignments.
Regardless, life must go on and and I am up for my second assignment since being cleared of quarantine.

On a side note, I have had time to think about things regarding the RAGE syndrome. In concerns to possible venues of testing for a 'cure' if one can be found I have come up with some things I would like to test.

Up to bat are my ideas on this that include: Breaking down the elements of the RAGE strain and figuring out if specific elements can be targeted to break the strain down. The problems I face here are that the RAGE strain may likely contain key elements that are also contained in my own DNA, which would mean that targeting only the RAGE strain is a high risk move.
Something else I have considered is turning my own DNA structure into the mutation. By rapidly spawning my own DNA it might overwhelm the RAGE strain. But it might also give the RAGE strain more structures to latch onto.

The problem with mutations is that it is like an evolutionary step, and how do you stop or at least circumnavigate that kind of dramatic change? It is looking more and more like I will need to find a way to Arkania and the labs there. TikTik doesn't have to tell me they are one of the most, possibly THE most advanced races in genetics for me to know how difficult a break in will be. Or even getting information on the location we need. I am not sure how much help Jord or his wife, Sharee, can provide to me in these kind of things.

As much as I hate to admit it, I will need to speak to Fred Slick about this. I am sure he won't miss out on the chance to be my white knight….and I hate to admit it, but if it gets the job done and helps me get closer to a cure, or even 112 it will be worth the while.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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