Pr 112 Research

Lab Log 4:

It's been two weeks now and TikTik has finally acquitted me of the quarantine, though I have not left the lab. Looking at my infected DNA under the microscope I can see how the strain has attached itself. It fills in gaps left by weakened DNA structures as well as bunching onto the ends of my helix in a manner similar to a virus. However I am beginning to speculate that this is not a virus by the way it acts, and is more akin to a mutation.
Looking through the information we acquired on the mission it seems an accurate assimilation of the situation.
Out of curiosity from something that Pr.112 had said in the confines of the underground lab, and Jord's assurances I decided to test the strain against radiation. Pr.112 had said that if I had stepped into the mist, which hid a radioactive core, that it would speed up the process. I have infected a Pikara with the strain I was able to pull away from my own DNA and asked TikTik to please introduce it to radioactivity.
It did speed up the process as was predicted. The radiation killed off the pure DNA of the animal, allowing the tainted strain to more easily take over. Unfortunately the effect it had on the small Pikara was too much, and the little animal perished not long after.
On a side note, it makes me hope that ChiChi never contracts this taint. I am not sure how it would affect him, small as he is with his fast metabolism. Still no communication from him.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

Lab Log 5:

Doesn't look like we are making much progress so far. It's been about a month now since I've been infected with the taint, and while we were able to separate the strain the empire was using we haven't been able to expel it from our DNA.
Furthermore, Jord's wife has related that in order to make any real progress we will need to work with the raw strain itself, before the Empire corrupted it. She has told us that there is a store on Arkania, where the Empire got access to the raw strain. She has also told us that it is guarded by the person who hoped to have his shining moment with Palpatine with his concept for a weapon that would rival the Death Star.
I have to say that biological warfare is harder to combat since it can be harder to contain, especially when there isn't much you can do about the current situation.
On a side note, I know that TikTik has been adding symptoms to the list of the effect the strain is having on me. I miss ChiChi and have been in a depressed mood of late with little success on the cure for this taint.

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