Pr 112 Sandor IV

It was quiet in her bunker aboard the Blue Dawn. The latest mission to set up trade agreements for Platulonium was over with finally and the team was headed back to command for their debriefing and to cash in their credits. Jynx reclined back on her bed, propped up on her elbow writing in her diary. Her eyes drifted towards the pile of dirty laundry in the corner, focusing on part of the feathered wing protruding out from a dirty shirt.

She frowned. She shouldn't have taken it. Well, she had because she wasn't sure if actually having it would come into play at all or not and it kinda had. It got them into the right place of the research facility, and besides…they got the birds back….alive. This one had been dead, no one would miss it.

Log Entry

In our side quest to track down what happened to the skynocks on Mindor we traveled to Sandor IV to follow a lead. Apparently 15 years ago some researchers removed the entire species from the planet to study and test on. Dr. Raiden was looking for a cure to a genetic disease that was killing off his race. I guess the skynocks offered them some longevity but they had almost exhausted their resources in pursuit of a cure. That they didn't care if they killed off a species that could offer them hope is a pity. Even if they weren't concerned with the conservation they ought to have been concerned about eradicating the thing that was offering them some relief.

In any case. Our team helped them discover a cure to solve the situation but it's gotten me thinking about my own problems concerning R.A.G.E. Syndrome. It's apparent that I'll have to break into the library on Arkania to get what I need to further my research. I know I need a raw strain of the original DNA from 'the builders' in order to continue my work to find a cure. But what if that is limited in itself? Getting a crew together for this 'mission' isn't going to be easy. I know it'll be dangerous, and it won't be easy. Hell, when Jord to me to the offices there it was very apparent they don't take a liking at all to other species other than their own. I know a bit about the planet from some of my studies but I have some other concerns.

But right now I am wondering if Dr. Raiden would be willing to help Jord and myself out in studying R.A.G.E. Syndrome since we did just help him cure his own race. Funny how things work out. If he agrees he'd have to be watched though. His carelessness with the skynocks isn't something that I can accept if he does decide to help out. I still have to get in touch with him in regards to it. I plan to send him a message as soon as I can to share some of my information and see if he is willing to help. Otherwise, I'm non the worse for trying it. And it'll give me some time to thin about who to ask to come along on the raid to the library. I just hope 122 doesn't catch wise.

Jynx looked up from her journal at the wing sticking out, then reached up and touched the feather she had fashioned into her hair.

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