Pr 112 Taking A Break

Lab Log 7:

Took a break from things for a while so I walked around the Discovery and had a talk with Taylor. She was concerned about hearing I contracted something, but I want to tell ChiChi before I tell anyone else about it. I should be seeing him soon, if not at home then at Uneeq's party. I am looking forward to some interactions between myself and others after spending so much time in the lab. I invited Jord to come along but he declined, wanting to stay with his wife. I'll bring them back some food.
Aside from the upcoming party, I've been thinking a bit more about the stores on Arkania and Fred Slick's offer of helping where he can. I think that perhaps a future visit to the facilities on Arkania will be needed, covert or otherwise to retrieve some of the raw RAGE material. I am certain it is key to finding a way to combat this mutation.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

Lab Log 8:

The party at Uneeq's was a nice diversion from things. It was good to immerse back into those around me and blow off some steam, not to mention hanging out with ChiChi. It seems that Uneeq might have been hesitant about him sweeping hands at the pazzac tournament so she asked if he would host it instead, which he did. He even talked me into trying my luck in the tournament, and to my surprise I did pretty well making it into the final cut before flopping. And I won the drinking contest started between Vandin and Jerricho, and finished by myself.
On a low note: Pola was dishonorable enough to write something offensive on T'thock's memorial though I didn't catch it right away. Spending some time out of the lab I spotted it and took the liberty to clean it off. Needless to say, I am pretty pissed about that.
As for my predicament, ChiChi is aware of some of the details. I considered holding back some of our short comings but decided that even if he didn't look into it himself that we had promised to be honest, so I told him everything that I could. Maybe I will take a bit of a longer break and return to Barab for a time before heading out on assignment again.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

Lab Log 9:

Took a break to Barab. I've been wanting to talk with 'Dad' about things but haven't been able to bringing myself to doing so. I also spent time trying to blow off steam with Mama training in martial combat. It seems that extrastrainious activity like sparring makes me uneasy after a time, something that TikTik said might happen.
I think that considering such things TikTik has seen to it that I don't go out on assignment right away and has requested I return to the Discovery for testing to see what other hazards might turn up.

-Lt. Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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