Pr.112 That Which Kills Me

Lab Log:

I let Jord and TikTik know that I am no longer sure if my research is being done in our best interests or not after my last encounters with 112.

I felt it was necessary to let them in on it before I began tinkering around with the clams I was able to harvest.

There was an odd feeling as I began to try to extract the venom from the first clam, a migraine began to manifest as I extracted the first sample of venom. As I watched the near clear blue venom swirl to a muddy black I realized that it wasn't a migraine brought on from work. It was him, 112. He was barreling down on me hard, the closest I can describe in words is the fear that as I am working to deactivate an explosive that it will detonate in my face.

My pulse was hammering, I could feel it in my mouth, but through force of will alone I was able to stave him off. And he seemed to back down slightly.

Proceeding on, I saw that the sample was useless after looking it under the microscope. I did an endoscopy of the creature to make sure, and the venom retained it's color in the sack of the animal. It was the extraction that made it turn into something I could not use. I took me a while, but I thought back on when ChiChi and I captured the clams. The water had been a fierce torrent, it had been the time the clams fed. So I mimicked the situation in the tank, and was able to pull out a feeder fish that had been stuck with the barb of one of the clams.

Looking through the microscope this time I was able to see that the venom had not changed when it had been injected into the living prey fish. The venom targeted the nervous system of the fish right away and there were near immediate signs of degradation to the muscles of the fish. The potency of the venom is higher than that of any known substance compared to the set LD50 scale.

I injected a lab pikara with the R.A.G.E Syndrome and again with this new venom for a comparison.

I've been using the pikara for some time now in testing, and never have I seen the fight or flight mode set in to the degree I did today. Not upon the first injection, but upon being dosed with the second hypo. There was a notable change in the animal I had not seen before….as if… if it knew what was about to happen….

The test result proved fatal. None of the subjects doses with R.A.G.E have survived long, most likely due to the fact that they are pikara. So the dose of venom was instantly fatal.

I could still feel him pressing me, 112. It became very clear to me that he was in a panicked rage where ever he was in regards to what I was learning. It took everything to keep him out, to close up my mind to him. I imagined setting an explosive device to protect my mind from him. Too much is on the line….I couldn't let him mess with my medical testings, couldn't let him turn the clams into what had happened to the skynoqs on Mindor. I NEED THEM.

At last, I kept him out….was able to continue. At least now I know that I am going in the right direction….the direction 112 opposes greatly.

I looked at the deceased subject under the microscope. Once again the venom had attacked the nervous system, ate away at the muscle tissue of the poor little animal. Blackness coated the creature's insides, blackness that had once been healthy DNA. But….despite the way it appeared….R.A.G.E taint was no longer in the creature's system. The venom had destroyed it….at the cost of the animal's life.

Lab Note: I am labeling the venom from the specimens I gathered as ConotoxLD100-T13R4N1M.

Jynx sat back in her lab chair, staring down at the dissected sacrifice before her. She had come to terms long ago about experimenting on the animals. She knew that they couldn't withstand being dosed with R.A.G.E. It was no surprise they couldn't withstand the venom from the clams either. They were small, meek, and had no force of will to live other than what fight or flight offered them. Prey animals knew that it was a matter of time before they died…she had learned that from numerous hunters across the galaxy.

But…..what if it was a bigger subject? What it it had more than fight or flight?

She blinked, reaching out as if to caress the limp little body but her fingers never touched the creature.

Question: How does R.A.G.E react to the venom?
Answer: It's negated and annihilated by the venom.

New Question: Can I survive this?

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