Pr. 112 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We hadn't even set foot off the ramp of the Dust Bunny when one of the medics came running up to greet Jord and I. The Lt. was nervous, it was obvious something was wrong as he snapped to attention and sputtered out a "Colonel sir…mam….she's totally freaking out. Tearing up the place….we have her contained for now but she started tearing herself up!"

Jord and I looked to one another, anxious. The Lt. told us that Jord's wife had begun to change and woke up, since Jord was keeping her sedated. Apparently while we were away no one was around to tend to her much and TikTik had taken a leave and wasn't around either, so I was in charge of the lab. (I would have been nice to know). Jord started running full speed towards the bay as I tried to call out after him since I didn't know how bad the situation was. I had no choice but to stun him, and had the Lt. put him on a gurney and take me to the facility.

He filled me in on what had happened, and I told him to call in some security and stay outside the room with Jord's unconscious body while I went in to have a look.

The containment area they had her in was for quarantine patients. She was standing up in her hospital gown and it was obvious that R.A.G.E Syndrome had escalated her case. She was a little greener than when we had left, and her hands had formed into claws. There was blood all over the place from where she had self inflicted wounds, what little furnishings had been in the room where a mess, and there was blood all over the walls. From the outside looking in it almost appeared there were….yes, there was some sort of message in Arkanian written in blood on the wall. No one had thought to sedate her by trying to stun her out, but then again not all our medical staff do in field ops.

I shoved two Merr-Sonn stun grenades through the window food is delivered into and watched them go off, assuming that it would drop her in the state she was in. What I wasn't expecting was her tearing her leg open so the pain negated the stun effect. Seeing that didn't work I backed out of the room to regroup, because if I didn't do something soon she might bleed to death.

The security had arrived and I brought Jord around slowly. I told him that his wife was in danger, and let him know that we had to keep focused and think fast or she wasn't going to get the help she needed. He suggested hitting her with a tranquilizer dart instead of the stun, since she might not expect it. While Jord prepared the dosage I sent a recruit to my ship to ask Eevie for my 'dart gun' and then loaded up one of the three shots. Then I informed the crew that Jord and I were going in, to lock us in and should anything bad happen to either inform General Castel ASAP, or TikTik but not to open the door in that case. Then we stepped in.

Jord let her out and she attacked him. I was able to hit her in the neck the first time with the dart and she went down, then Jord and I tended her wounds and moved her back into her original quarters. Adter recording what she had scrawled on the walls of her cell I left Jord alone for the time and had a seat waiting for him to come out.

And thought…

Something had happened when we stepped into that room to take her down, something important. 112 had been inside my head once or twice before….but this time was different than the others. It was like everything fell into sync….breath for breath, pulse for pulse…we could have been the same entity in that moment. Something flashed in my mind….he was in combat. As my arms moved up to target Jord's wife, my finger pull the gun, I knew it for certain that 112 was in combat. A situation as important as the one I was in now…the only problem was with who, and where? And over what?

I couldn't get that off my mind as I sat with my hands around the coffee cup, the liquid inside long cold as finally Jord, looking worn out, sat down across from me.

His wife was alright for the time being, though R.A.G.E Syndrome had advanced. I merely nodded, thoughts drawn to ChiChi and wondering what he or I would do if things were any different. If we were in the same boat as Jord…but then again, in a way we were.

I suggested monitoring his wife from now on, not just by her vitals but a live camera feed into her room, and upping the safety measures around her. He agreed, and I planned to notify the staff about it first thing, given that TikTik saw it was for the best as well. Then we wandered over to Uneeq's bar if just to try to escape the tension and the depression of the bay.

Recruits playing blast darts, holo chess, drinking….discussing missions and plans for profit. The same old music circulating, the stale peanuts, the good drinks….a hot cooked meal. It lifted our spirits a little bit.

"Jord….I know it might be a bit soon but….you didn't notice right away given the situation but your wife…I think she was trying to communicate a message to us on the wall."

It caught his attention, and I slid the data pad across the table with the recording of what she had done on the wall. "It's in your native language, isn't it?" I asked.

He nodded, his eyes widening. "It's…." he shook his head almost in disbelief. "It's part of a formula….for a binder" he said, moving the pad so we could both see it and pointing down at the patterns. He translated some of the text into basic on a bar napkin. Seeing it in basic I could indeed see what he meant…followed some of the compounds.

"This isn't a cure" I said. "Binders work to stop something?" I asked him since he understood genetics better than I did. At this point he was the teacher and I was the student.

"She's looking for an antidote….and no, it's not really a cure. But from what she wrote out it does look like she is thinking of a way to stop R.A.G.E in it's tracks." He said. "But it's not complete…."

I was wondering about things then as I glanced around at the bar. I wondered if this formula…and what we'd be able to do with it would mean it would always be with us, in our system. And whether or not if anyone who was infected with it had the chance of spreading it to their offspring if they had any. Like some blood diseases worked, hereditary and dormant in the genes unless both parents had it and passed it on. Then that child would have it, and not merely be a carrier. It sent a chill down my spine as I looked back to Jord.

"She's trying to create a way to combat R.A.G.E, Reon" he said. "She was the head researcher on the project. But in her condition" he sighed and shook his head. "We need things that we aren't able to get aboard the Hope" he said at last.

I understood. It was one of the reasons we were sent on missions to get supplies for the Alliance….like Bacta. "I know we don't always have what we need….I know it Jord. I've been on missions to get items we are out of or running low on. Unfortunately it's one of the prices we have to pay for this stupid war" I frowned.

He nodded. "There's also a difference between your species and mine. We need different nutrients…or at least different doses of them than you do" he blinked. "I think that if you can procure some of what I and my wife need, that it will help her get better. And perhaps in time she can even assist us further in figuring this out."

"Give me a list of what you need Jord, and I promise to get it to you" I said. I scratched the back of my neck and looked around, then back at him. "We're in this together. I and the other infected need this as much if not more than she does Jord. I won't let you down….all we can do really is hope for the best. And at least we have this" I said, holding up the vial with the sample of the pure strain. I chuckled as I looked past it to Jord. "I know it's been rough Jord, but happy Giver's Day."

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