Pr 112 Tribute To Ogus

Jynx sank down the wall of the refresher, sweat beading on her forehead and her stomach turning in knots. She was shaking, arms wrapped around herself as she stared blankly across at the empty shower unit with the My Little Taun Taun bath curtains. She studied the mildew stains, the partially eroded soap, the heap of dirty towels she had yet to wash, anything to keep her mind off what she had just done. But it was hard to ignore.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her hands idling with the small round orb she was so used to playing with by now, her practice grenade. She clicked the button to begin the sequence and let herself get lost in the flashing lights, lapsing out and watching her fingers nimbly manipulate the settings.

Ogus, she was supposed to see Ogus the Hutt today. She had packed two cases of Pikaru as tribute so that he would let her look for the man named Jack without incident. But she had never made it to Ogus. She wondered, vaguely, if there would be a repercussion to not showing up when she had made the appointment, but that seemed a small concern compared to everything else. She had figured the hardest part of her day was piloting the skiff to the palace and actually speaking with the Hutt. She had been wrong.

There had been an explosion in one of the bars on her way to the Hutt Palace. She hadn't thought too much of it since she was in Hutt territory, at least not until she had seen that the name of the place was called Jack's Bar. She couldn't take the risk that it wasn't the man she was looking for.

She closed her eyes, not needing them to end the sequence of the gizmo in her hands. She had operated it enough times to know how it worked by heart by now, it was mostly a training tool she used when teaching others demolitions, or else for her own amusement.

The heat had been near unbearable when she ran into the building. She saw the man she knew in her gut to be Jack, hunkered down behind the bar. She called out to him that she was here to help him out, addressing him by name. He looked to be hunkering down behind the bar, and Jynx wasn't sure what he was about to do. It worried her, and she couldn't take any chances. She leap over the bar, aiming to kick him to make sure he didn't lash out at her. She hit him squarely, knocking him out, and it was then she realized why Jack was doing what he was when she took a blast to the back of her shoulder.

Jynx spun around, seeing a man clad in armor with his pistol aimed at her. Out of reaction she reached out for a bottle and threw it at him, hitting him in the head. It shattered the visor of his helmet and she watched him topple over. With the bar still in flames and the knowledge that any minute there would be a patrol coming by to see what was going on she dragged Jack out through one of the windows. No one seemed to stop her as she came out, pulling Jack across the street to her skiff. The pikaru had escaped their cages and were running amuck down the street. Jynx didn't mind them any attention, since she knew Ogus was probably going to eat them anyways.

She got Jack to the Dust Bunny without incident. She had carried him on board and gotten him onto a gurney, taking her time to check him over and set up life support. She didn't feel 112 creep up on her at all, and now that she looked back on things she was certain that it was because she was focused on taking care of Jack that he was able to do what he had done.

She had just finished, had been about to walk out when she felt dizzy. She staggered, her hand reaching out for support and feeling her fingers wrap around the IV lines feeding into Jack. She felt odd, separated, not herself. She watched her hand yank down on the IV tubes. Inwardly she was screaming, aware of what she was doing and unable to stop it. She heard laughter in her head as her eyes tracked the life support line, fingers wrapping around the cord and pulling it free from the power source.

It wasn't a fast death, but in the end Jack died. It seemed forever before she fell bonelessly to her knees and pulled herself towards Jack. She checked against the odds, but he was gone.

She felt sick, ran to the refresher. She was sick, or had been, was still feeling it. She had killed plenty of times before. It hadn't been like this though, it had been her choice in the end, always. But not now. Now it had been someone else…112….that had made her do what she had. Her hopes for finding a cure seemed washed away by the refresher just like her lunch. She felt scared of what had happened, worse she was angry about being unable to do anything.

She sank into her thoughts, knowing he wasn't in her mind anymore, but wishing that if he was he could see what she planned to do him when she caught up to him. Oh, and she would, some way or another.

Jynx stood up shakily, her head swimming. She needed to get off planet, get home. She made her way up towards the pilot's cabin but collapsed in the main galley area. Eviee was there though, and she had the little droid relay to R2 to take her back home to Barab.

Jynx shut her eyes to the darkness, hoping not to run into anything more for the remainder of the day.

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