Pr 112 Whispers In The Dark

TikTik shook his head as he spotted Jynx asleep at her work table. She'd been working so hard on discovering a cure for R.A.G.E Syndrome and it was taking it's toll despite the breaks she had taken recently. He pulled a thermal blanket off the shelf and wrapped it around her shoulders, knowing it would be pointless to wake her up and argue she ought to sleep so that his lab wouldn't be trashed by that uppity squib she was married to.

The night went by in fleeting moments of sleep and compiling data about her research. It was quiet in the lab as she punched the button on Mr. Coffine and rubbed the soreness from her eyes.

She leaned back in her chair, feeling exhausted….and something else.

It was almost as if someone were watching her. She blinked and looked around, but it was only herself in the room. She shivered, feeling cold despite the blanket, and it was then she realized what was happening. With Taylor looking into her mind as often as she had been it was a feeling Jynx was used to by now. She stiffened, knowing this was not Taylor Castel.

No, it was him trying to get into her head. She resisted at first, caught up in the fear but then it hit her. Something Taylor had said, that connections like this worked two ways. She stared at the pile of research on the table, she had spent months on it and was at a stale mate. She knew letting him in her head was a risk…..

He seemed to laugh as he assumed he had worn his way into her head at last, sifting through the data there. She kept it fresh in her mind to hide her other secrets from him, keep him distracted. She waited, listened, hoped that she would be able to see into his thoughts, not knowing how this worked.

It wasn't a long wait. She felt anger, agitation, even fear in the end as he realized what she had been up to while she was away. He let it slip then, a name, someone he needed to get to before she did. She saw a flicker of an image, knew where she could find him as the door she had opened suddenly slammed close. He was pissed, and it made her smile, this one small victory.

She got up, stretched, feeling refreshed, and began to make plans to beat him to the punch.

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