Predict Natural Disasters

Predict Natural Disaster
Sense Difficulty
spaceE (10) – if user lived in the area for more than a year
spaceM (15) – if the user lived in the area between 6 and 12 months
spaceD (20) – if the user lived in the area between 1 and 6 months
spaceVD (25) – if the user lived in the area less than 1 month
space*Modified by severity of disaster (larger disasters are easier to predict.)
Required PowersDanger Sense, Life Detection, Weather Sense
Time to use – 15 minutes; the time to use may be reduced by adding 1 difficulty level for every five minutes cut. Minimum time to use is one minute.
Effect – This power allows the Force-user to sense local meteorological and geological conditions and predict imminent disasters, such as quakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, avalanches, cave-ins, mine subsidence’s, large scale conflagrations (such as forest fires) and even dangerous storms, tornadoes and hurricanes (which can also be predicted with weather sense). Like weather sense, this power does not lend itself to quick predictions. It customarily takes weeks for a Force-user to acclimate to local weather patterns and topography. The prediction is effective for 12 hours. The difficulty increases by one level for each additional 12-hour period by which the Force-user wishes to extend the prediction.
Located – The Jedi Academy Sourcebook p.45

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