Anytime after the character has learned Lightsaber Engineering (A) they can begin the process of creating their lightsaber. The character must first spend time and effort to gather the requisite pieces of the lightsaber: a power cell, a handgrip, an activation plate, a safety, a belt ring (optional), a blade-length adjuster, an emitter matrix, a recharge socket, a lens assembly, focusing crystals (usually 3), and a power conduit (there may be additional pieces depending on what creation options the character utilizes). These basic parts (excluding the crystals) can be easily acquired (availability 1) during standard shopping within an event (does not require a Personal Initiative) and cost a total of 2000 credits. The character can choose between a few standard activation plates for no additional cost or creation difficulty: standard (one click on; one click off; deactivates if released), double off (one click on; two clicks off; deactivates if released), or a lock on (one click on; must unlock to deactivate; does not deactivate if released). The most difficult pieces to find are obviously the lightsaber quality crystals for focusing the blade. A standard lightsaber requires three matching crystals. There are many variations of lightsaber quality crystals with different set damage values (even beyond standard Adegan crystals). Also some crystals have been synthetically created. The crystals cannot be readily purchased. Crystals obtained in various events (modules, Seminars, PIs, etc.) either have the set damage value as determined by the event author, or are considered standard generic 5D lightsaber quality crystals. Characters can set up a Personal Initiative to go out and find lightsaber quality crystals, if they don’t have them or if they want some specific damage rating crystals. The Personal Initiative time required and level of difficulty should be commensurate with the desired crystals (higher damage than normal should be more PIs and/or greater difficulties; conversely lower damage than normal should be only 1 PI and/or easier difficulties). Currently the maximum damage rating of any crystals is 5D+2. It is recommended that gamemasters require an additional Personal Initiative for each pip (+1) over 5D. If the crystals are obtained in an event, then they may have a set color associated with them. If no specific color is expressed by the gamemaster, then the color can be chosen by the Player Character. This color can be any visible spectrum solid color.
Once all of the pieces are acquired, the construction process can be attempted. The process can be one or two steps. The construction and assembly of the hilt (this can be done by anyone), and the Focus or Attuning (not both; these are exclusive processes) of the crystals (can only be done with all three Force skills). The Focusing and Attuning is not required to make a functional lightsaber, but if it is not completed the lightsaber has inherent flaws and limitations. A Force user has the option of Focusing or Attuning the lightsaber. Focusing prepares lightsaber quality crystals using the Force to customize them to remove internal imperfections and flaws that could not otherwise be identified or fixed. This removes inherent flaws in the crystals eliminating resulting problems and allowing for the lightsaber’s use with the Lightsaber Combat Force power. Attuning incorporates the Focusing of the lightsaber crystals and at the same time bonds the lightsaber being constructed (must have been completely constructed by the character attempting the Attuning) to the character providing them some additional benefits applied to the lightsaber use. The character can only have one lightsaber attuned at a time.

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Lightsaber Construction

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