Privateering Cod Con 08 Report By Choth

So after being contacted by Talon Longsong to join him as part of a newly formed privateer team, I arrived at The Singing Wookiee in bay two of The Discovery. The Captain, Brigadier General Longsong, was already on site preparing his ship for the upcoming operation. After a short period Master Sergeant Reon Vo, aka Jinxie, arrived with her bag full of ‘goodies’.

We finished our final preparations before our assigned observer, some Lieutenant, finally decided to grace us with his presence. He reminded us of his role and the general terms of our letter of mark. He then said he had no problems helping us during the operation, as long as it did not interfere with his role as an observer. After he finished his little I-am-important speech, he handed over the intelligence as per the letter of mark.

The intelligence briefing was simple. A shipment of supplies was moving from some point towards another location. It was labeled as Medical Supplies and not supposed to have any significant escort, if any, or be seriously armed. Traditionally the previous Moff, Moff Farstar, used to do this to sneak arms shipments around the sector, as such this is what Intelligence was betting on being the case. Intelligence laid out a jump point that would be away from any known Imperial patrols that the ship would be coming to during its journey.

That being set we launched and arrived at the site. The Captain was at the helm with the LT keeping an eye on the sensors and communications. Jinxie and I were in the Ion Cannon turrets prepared to open fire on the arriving target.

As usual Intelligence was off on what to expect. There was a PB-950 patrol craft escorting the freighter, which had more than stock cannons installed. Immediately all pilots took evasive actions. The mark began to make a run for the exit point while the patrol craft attempted to ‘neutralize’ our ship as a threat. There were plenty of more than competent pilots at this encounter. From my experiences I’d rate them quality-wise in the following order: the Captain, the patrol craft’s pilot, and then the freighter’s pilot. Any way you look at it though it was a tough shoot out for both sides.

Jinxie took the operation’s target while I attempted to neutralize the escort. Jinxie was constantly getting grazing shots and near misses. Myself on the other hand was just giving the escort something to think about, seeing as I haven’t sat down for any gunnery training since flight school with the Alliance quite a while ago.

Finally, Jinxie scored a solid hit and the escort decided to start shielding for our target. This proved to be the demise for our opponents, in space combat at least. The escort was quickly rendered dead in space as it limited its maneuvers. Then we maneuvered around the escort and rendered the target dead in space.

Now the mission was at a dilemma. We knew we had to board at least the target to accomplish our objectives, but we had a second ship that was armed and likely to attack us if it could be brought online. In the end we decided to board the escort while the Captain moved the ship to keep the target semi-compliant.

So Jinxie and I suited up in armored sealed suits and were dropped off at the outter air lock for the escort. We maneuvered to the controls which of course were dead. After a little while of playing with the manual controls I managed to open the outer door and gain us access to the inner air lock door and controls.

After noticing a squad of stormtroopers waiting on the other side of the door, I decided to attempt to crack the door and bring down the oxygen content to avoid a hostile conflict that could cause considerable damage and deaths. As soon as I attempted to crack the door through manual controls a stormtrooper began countering on his side through the same process. After a while of who can run the manual controls better with the stormtrooper winning, I decided that it was time to give the Demo Goddess, Jinxie, a shot at the door. She prepped her charge while I continued to work at the manual controls to no avail. Then Jinxie stepped up and placed her explosive charge. Having dealt with demolitions a little bit before I had us move outside the air lock before she hit the trigger. The resulting explosion shook the entire patrol craft and unfortunately decompressed the entire main area of the patrol craft, killing said squad of stormtroopers via spacing. I believe this to be more due to poor repair and design than amount of explosives used.

We searched the ship for survivors and discovered that the gun turrets and cockpit were sealed for vacuum. After repressurizing the craft and taking the surviving prisoners over to our ship we were ready to board our original target.

Deciding that a second decompression act was definitely not wanted we used a boarding codor to begin the boarding of our target. When we made it to the air lock we saw 20 stormtroopers tethered to bulkheads. I was in the lead and immediately opened the air lock. Unfortunately we left our entry point at a low atmosphere state. As a result when all of the stormtroopers tossed grenades towards the air lock it was pretty easy for them to hit their target. Thinking of the survival for the rest of the team I did my best to prevent any grenades from making it past me, which from what the Captain and Jinxie told me afterwards I was very successful. I mainly remember a significant explosion and that my armor somehow took the blast. We quickly subdued the stormtroopers with decksweepers and then the rest of the ship.

Apparently Moff Hammond handles things significantly different than Moff Farstar used to. The only supplies on the ship were medical supplies bound for Shiva. This put us in a bad place yet again. In the end we took the patrol craft along with any military personnel, the few excess medical supplies on the transport, and escorted the transport until it was a single jump out from Shiva.

After settling up with the Alliance the team was allowed to keep the PB-950 which was subsequently named by our Demo Goddess as The Floating Dustbunny.

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