Privy Info

Note: The information on this page has only been told to Sara Starsider, Chichi Zzingnut, and Taylor Castel.

"I was happy growing up on Kalandis IV even if things were a bit dull. I was always privlliged compared to some of the other kids my age, though as I grewolder my 'friends' became more and more select. I remeber going off world with my mother when I was 14, and the family friends we stayed with bred these kind of stol that were excellent attack creatures and guardians. I pleaded with my mother that I wanted one, but it was beyond cost for our family. She encouraged me to befriend their son Avery and use my influence on him to get what I wanted, but after a while doing this I began to notice how my mother was only using me. Avery was a kind boy, and very smart too. He took me in to see and play with some of the creatures and tried to tell me a bit about breeding the creatures when I realized not only was my mother trying to teach me how to manipulate others, but I noticed how much I seemed to have in common with the slinky creatures who had no say in who they would end up with.

Shortly thereafter I began to act out I guess. I spent less and less time with the 'friends' my parents approved of and started to hang out more and more with some of the kids I used to play with as a child. It was difficult at first, and I got beat up a lot for being privlliged. I have to admitt I did use the influence of having things they wanted to ease myself into their world, allowing them acess to what I could. I got caught of course, and was grounded. I also found out that some of the kids I had made friends with had been seen to by my parents, and am sickened to say that because of me some of them were sent away to the equivilant of juvie.

I took in all I could of stories from my father's friends, which seemed to please him at first. When I actually started trying to put into practice some of what I had heard things changed and I got sent off to Raithal Academy, which wasn't so bad.

It was tough there, and somehow I managed to pull though. I never had anything to focus on until I got there and I took to Infiltration and weaponry like breathing. My grades were rather poor though so I had to find other means to get by, but you've heard that story already.

It was really hard to leave home and the academy. Not that I had never been alone before, but despite all the carefull planing for my future I didn't really know what I was doing, so instinct from the academy took over. I knew I couldn't go back home without facing some severe punishment and I was frightened sick of what my parents, particualrly my father, would put me through for causing such a blemish in their lives. I had no choice but to leave, and while I was grateful my father had pulled strings to keep me out of jail I was fearful of the cost.

So I pretended I was truly sorry for what I had done and eager to get back home where I would do as my parents wished, because they know best. I packed up all the belongings I had taken with me to the academy and when the shuttle made it's first stop on the long route home I got off.

I've never told this part to anyone before, but I didn't have much money at this time and found myself in a situation where I might have to live on the streets. I rented a locker for my things at the spaceport and set out from there. I was able to discover a young and handsome, if a bit stupid junior officer recently graduated out of another academy and used him to gain a step up. He let me move in with him for a time and for a while I thought I could be content and make things work. And then the day came when he discovered the truth about how I had come to meet him, and I discovered my Father had put out a private bounty for my return. Of course I had been stupid to stay enroute and not travel farther away. I convinced him that I just needed some time before going home, and that it had only gotten harder now that I was with him. I told him I had come to love him, which in a manner of speaking was ture, I guess. Or at least it had been then when I thought I knew what love was. So we were engaged. He agreed to go back home with me, ensuring me that my parents would be happy knowing I had found some direction at last and that he was getting a promotion anyways. So while he made plans for our journey back into Pallis Sector I began making plans for another get away.

In the end I succeded, and he was left to come home on his last day of work in the sector to an empty flat. It wasn't long after that I met up with members of the rebellion, and with no way to support myself was gratefull when they asked me to sign up.

So that's really how it came to be, and though from time to time I might dream of home I could never go back there. And with you and so many of you others in my life I seem to have little need to go back anyways."

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