Problem Solved

So there I was, reclining on the heart shaped bed.. smoking a stogie while waiting for my favorite wife to emerge from the refresher. All of sudden the door chimed, ruining my thoughts. Jynxie, emerging from the 'fresher wearing that little pink number said she would answer the door. Propping myself up, I admire her lithe form as she walks across the room. Opening the door, I finally notice that she's talking to LX. Turning around in what looks like anger she demanded to know what I did, not unrelenting she continuied to barage me with things such as "You tell me to be careful, and then get a bounty on your head?!?", "What did you do?", "I can't believe you were stupid enough to get a bounty on your head!", and passing her mini-rocket to LX so as not to be tempted to shoot me (I still have no idea where she pulled THAT from) she started to advance towards me, not looking very happy. Trying to absorb all of this and wondering who I might have irratated enough to put a bounty on my head (and giving up, as the list was just entirely way too long), I simple stated "But Honey, I don't know anything about any bounty…". Interupting me Jynxie picked me up, looked me in the eyes, and simply asked "So where did you get the 150,000 credit alive only bounty from?" My eyes must have litterally popped out of my head, as I started stuttering in anger "What the $(#&()%$?!? Who the heck would put that kind of ridiculous bounty on my head? I'll kill them. Mess with me, will they!?!" I started to pace angrily, and finally realized that I was still about two feet off the ground. Jynxie put me on the couch telling me to stay there, stating that we'll sort this out together as soon as she gets changed. As she left the room, I hoped off the couch and headed for the terminal in our 'crib', doing some quick research it appears that another Squib had put the bounty on my head, time to pay a visit to Slythor. Together we left Barab 1 after a brief discussion with some friends.

Finding Slythor's hide-out wasn't very hard. He was headquartered on a junk planet riding around in an AT-AT with repulsors for legs. Contacting the AT-AT I stated that I wanted to have a business discussion with Slyther. It was relayed that if we landed we could talk business. Being a rather upset Squib I told Jynxie to take the controls for a moment and hit the AT-AT with the Tractor Beam. At this time, I started to demand some answers before we "met" otherwise I was going to shake the AT-AT until he could have sworn that a filthy Ulgor <spit> was piloting it. Relenting he stated that my wives had placed an insurance policy out on me and since they had not heard from me in over a year presumed that I was dead and were now trying to collect. Looking over at Jynxie she merely shrugged stating that maybe that was why they had kept calling her. Growling, I stated that we would be onboard in 5 minutes.

It turns out that my wives had indeed placed an insurance policy out on me, AND forged Jynxie's signature to it. Furious, and realizing that my earlier thoughts that I should pay more attention to them were repaid with this kind of action, my mind immediately started to race on how to deal with the situation. Slythor knowing that he couldn't just cancel the Bounty as it had only been out for only two days was also in a bit of a quandry as he didn't want to pay out on the wives knowing that I was indeed alive. Eventually, we started to bargain for what was going to be done. Some of the highpoints of the complicated and lengthy bargain (which completely confused Jynxie at times) included the following:
* Slythor would make sure that my marriage to the three squib wives was annuled, keeping intact my marriage to Jynxie.
* Paying the bounty to Jynxie, who would in turn give me the money for a hug and a kiss, and I would pay him 150,000 credits for my freedom
* A pimped out repulsor vehicle
* A round trip to Tatooine delivering and picking up a droid from two other parties (along with business cards)
* 42 ticket vouchers to a luxury cruise
* His Gamorrean guard kissing his Squib pilot (twice)
* Hundreds of Gallons of hair conditioner
* Leaving his AT-AT intact, on this planet
* A used Frag grenade along with three unused ones
* Shiny stones, gold chains, and other bling.

At the end of the complicated and lengthy trade, all ends of the bargain were completed. Slythor believing he had received the best of the bargain, while I knew Jynxie and I had received the better end. All in all, the only loser of the bargain was his Squib plilot. Jynxie had even framed and hung the annulment papers on the wall in our 'crib'. In the end, Jynxie received the best of the deal as I was now completly hers.

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