Projective Telepathy

Projective Telepathy
Control Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – +5 to +10 if no verbalization; modified by proximity
Sense Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – if the target is friendly and does not resist, modified by relationship
spaceTarget’s Control or Perception Roll – if the target resists, modified by relationship
Required PowersLife Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy
Power may be kept ‘up’
Effect – If successful, the target ‘hears’ the thoughts and ‘feels’ the emotions of the user. The user can only project feelings, emotions and perhaps a couple of words - this power cannot be used to send sentences or to hold conversations. The target understands that the feelings and thoughts are not his own and that they belong to the user of the power. If the user does not "verbally" identify themselves, the target does not know who is projecting the thoughts. This power can only be used to communicate with other minds, not control them.
Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.148

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