Protection And Breaking It


Sturdy objects may provide protection. If the attacker rolled well enough to beat the base dodge difficulty but not well enough to beat the added cover modifier, that means the shot hit wahtever the character was hiding behind..

At this point you roll the attack's damage against the protection's body strength..

Sample Protection Body Strength
Flimsy wooden Door 1D
Standard wooden Door 2D
Standard Metal Door 3D
Reinforced Door 4D
Blast Door 6D

If the damage roll is lover than the body stength roll, the protection is not damaged at all and the target character suffers no damage. If the damage roll is equal to or greater than the protecton's body strength roll, find the difference on the chart below to see how badly the protection is Damaged.

Damage Roll > Body Strength Roll by:
0-3 Not Seriously Damaged
4-8 Lightly Damaged
9-12 Heavily Damaged
13-15 Severely Damaged
16+ Destroyed

A character behind protection may suffer some damage depending upon how badly his protection is damaged.. Subtract dice from the attack's damage based on the chart below..

Protection is: Reduce damage by:

Not Seriously Damaged Char is unharmed
Lightly Damaged -4D
Heavily Damaged -2D
Severely Damaged -1D
Destroyed Character Suffers Full Damage

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