Character Name: Qa'tila
Rebellion Rank: Freelance Agent
Primary Role: "Public Relations" (reference)

Species: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 65kg
Ship: Sometimes borrows Donald from Dr. Melisaande


Random Mook: "Who are you?"
Qa'tila: "I am death, come to collect you."

Physical Appearance

The first thing more afflicted persons notice of Qa'tila is that the air around it is substantially colder. It wears a hood and cloak that were probably once white but have become nearly black over time. You can't see much of its face except for a few shiny areas of a respirator. It wears a heavily padded vest and skin tight suit under it along with a pair of thin gauntlets, a utility belt, and a small backpack. On its left hip is an ornate ceremonial sword. The scabbard is curved and matte black; the visible portion of the sword guard appears to be a golden dragon and a black dragon intertwined. When it moves, a small motor rotates the sword to maintain the perfect drawing angle at all times.

Physical Appearance: Unmasked
Please Note: This description is out-of-character for all characters in the campaign unless events in role-play have allowed your character to penetrate Qa'tila's disguise. The only features that allow Qa'tila's face to be recognized are a pair of large insectoid eyes; the eyes have had their axis painfully shifted and a third of the left eye is depigmented and scarred. There are two holes just above its eyes, two holes just below its eyes, and a hole on each side of its skull. All skin has been removed from its face, including any eyebrows, ears, lips, nose, or mouth. The remaining surface is a mass of fibrinous scar tissue that excretes a serrous exudate. Skin remains on most of the remainder of its body, though the back shows a lattice-work of scars from multiple lacerations. Every bone in its body has been broken and a few did not heal straight. Its fingers and toes were all broken and cut, with scarred stumps remaining as testimony to previous tortures.


Qa'tila says little. Some of this may be attributed to the pain it seems to experience when it has to engage the vocoder that was implanted into its windpipe to speak. When it does speak, the speech is terse and decisive. Its actions are similar - carefully planned, swiftly executed, and decisive. It has no known hobbies, associates, or friends.

Image Credit: Scriado on SWAGOnline, url: reference

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