Qualen Pennik

Qualen is the youngest son of Morrow and Zarena Pennik. Born just after the events of Revenge of the Sith, he is still a young one, and some times it shows. Taught the old ways of scouting, by using his mind and the terrain, Qualen has been a massive boon to the rebel special forces. Using his signature modified silenced assault rifle, he is always a noticed member of any team, even when they forget he is some times there. Like his brother, the now dead Marcus, Qualen was always taught that firearms are much more usable in combat than blasters.. Cause everyone expects those to be used, and many are surprised when an old slug thrower comes into the fray.
At Gencon 09, not only did he achieve the rank of a full bird Colonel, but has now received the moniker of wilderness ginsu.

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