Question To Site Users

PM's wont let me send to more than 1 person at a time, I dont have all the key people's individual email addresses, and the rest of the yahoogroup doesnt need to have their email filled with this…

Therefore, I posted this here to see what the people that have worked on the site so far thought.

What would people think of making it so that we could easily add pictures to the site?

we get to add pictures
makes the site more colorful and visual
somewhere to have the forthcoming calendar and any other artwork

might take pages take longer to load (depending on people's connections)
possible copyright issues?
possible extra management issues?

How to do it:
Looking at the image wizard, it looks like all images to be displayed on the site need to be hosted at a URL somewhere. They have it set up for fairly easy use of Flickr and the pics on Flickr do not have to be public. One can make a free account on Flickr. So all we would need to do is set up an account on Flickr and give the users here the login info for it, then people can upload pics to Flickr and insert the links on the page here they want.

Feel free to add Pros and Cons and to make comments below. And if our site admins or the council says definate No to the idea, then they can feel free to delete the page.


I'm all for it as long as people are responsible about it. Images should be optimized for the web (minimaly 72 dpi and sized how you actually want it to display). That will get rid of downloading issues. Be selective in uploading images…one or two should be enouggh for most pages.

Copyright can be an issue, but if you attribute where it comes from no one will probably complain since this isn't a for-profit site. If you know the creator of the image, you should definitely get permission first. (For anyone using character images created by me, I hearby grant permission.)


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